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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Ages are permanent and can only be removed by deleting them off the hard drive manually, which is why it can be such a problem to have everyone on the server creating lots of them.

    The benefit of making an age is that it is only accessible if you have a book that links to it, and those books have to be created by the player that owns the age. It's basically a way to escape griefing in the overworld to a world people can't follow you into.
    Hmm, well...let's see. It seems like an awfully good idea, these ages, and with our small player group it probably wouldn't be so bad on my 4TB of harddrive space. So, I think I'll first run it free and see how much of an issue it becomes, then limit it as necessary.

    I could also possibly set up a script that would delete unused worlds after a certain amount of inactivity.
  • Mouldy_TacoMouldy_Taco Posts: 133Registered, Moderator
    This is an age I wrote for a server I've been playing on for a few days now:

    I probably created 40+ ages to get all the symbols to make that one, though.
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  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    So uh, didn't Steeveeo say we were moving to FTB on the 7th? :P
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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    LtBrandon wrote:
    So uh, didn't Steeveeo say we were moving to FTB on the 7th? :P
    It's still in Beta stages, nothing has really changed. One could track the release of things like Redpower and Advanced Machines through their respective sites, and ask if and when they're going to be released on the Feed The Beast forums.
  • Ded10cDed10c Posts: 136Registered
    We have a test server up but things are being a little unsteady at the moment. We have repetitive client crashes in SMP Mystcraft, for example, caused my meteor impacts. There are other things with mod inclusions we're still looking at too.
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