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kylee2foxkylee2fox Posts: 7Registered
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Dubstep is a #1 you can watch a commeril that has dubstep song
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  • Ded10cDed10c Posts: 136Registered
    As a general rule I dislike dubstep (most of it seems to be quite talentless), but there are a few artists out there who show promise. Particularly SubVibe, whose producer I am acquainted with; though they classify most of their work as drumstep, a confusingly similar genre to a non-dubstep producer (mostly industrial, orchestral and solo).

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  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    I'm not the first to say this, but Dubstep is, for the most part... Bad. No, seriously. I know 80% of everything is crap, so it makes sense, but Dubstep is probably closer to 90-95. The sound behind it just holds nothing interesting for the ear, and often just causes ear-rape.

    That said, I have found a single artist that makes Dubstep that actually isn't shitty. I have never heard anyone else do it in a similar style, where the wubbing is there for a reason other than to destroy your eardrums.

    My three current favorites. I hate Katey Perry, btw. But somehow this song just.. works. Fuck if I know how.
  • Ded10cDed10c Posts: 136Registered
    Sir has good taste.
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Amaroq is right, but that's because Dubstep, like rock, is rather formulaic to make. With the internet, this means that you will get a LOT of similar songs, but the good part of that is that the good ones really stand out when you find them.

    One thing I've noticed when listening to the Dubstep songs I like: none of them have the screeching, ear-bleeding noises that most mainstream tracks have.

    EDIT: Just a note, a genre of music that's fun to listen to and is quite similar to Dubstep is the lesser-known Drum 'n' Bass (DnB).
  • MurdertrainMurdertrain Posts: 24Registered
    Wub wub wub
    flux pavilion anyone?
  • xX Lord Anubis XxxX Lord Anubis Xx Posts: 170Registered
    I hate dubstep, just a bunch of kids with no musical talent. /flame /troll


    inb4 nubis is stupid

    I Don't care.



    I'm out.
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  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    Dubstep is just 95% shit. Always exceptions, bro. Always. Though, admittedly, Dubstep's exceptions are microscopic in comparison to other genres.
  • Ded10cDed10c Posts: 136Registered

    This guy is one of the exceptions.
  • DataSchmuckDataSchmuck Posts: 147Registered, Moderator
    What about that Skill Rex guy? I hear the kids think he's pretty kewl.
  • Ded10cDed10c Posts: 136Registered
    If I were to describe Skrillex in a word, that word would probably be... ew.
  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    AHadley wrote:
    If I were to describe Skrillex in a word, that word would probably be... ew.

    Skrillex is to Dubstep what Nickelback is to Classic Rock. Fuck both of them, they are shit and don't represent the genre to anyone except pubescent 12 year olds with no taste in music.
  • Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator

    ...close enough to dubstep.

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