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Transfer Hours pL0x?

xX Lord Anubis XxxX Lord Anubis Xx Posts: 170Registered
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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I put it in here. When I join the Dev server and I see people like Rose, DuneD, DataSchmuck, I notice that they all seem to have had their hours transfered form the other server, but ATM i have around 76 hours on the Dev Server, and 49 hours on the main server. But I (And many others, I bet) would greatly appreciate it if we could get our hours transfered.

Thank you and have a Pleasant Day.
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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    They actually have their hours from a previous server, the one this community is based on (since it died).

    We cannot manually transfer hours from database to database, Nielk1 needs to finish his "Time Share' addon he has said he was working on in order to get the hours synced up.
  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
    Oh thank god. I was worried Dune had spent Over 1000 hours on both servers.

    I would also love to see the hours Shared, so I hope Nielk1 has success with his addon.

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  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    All the addon requires is me to actually work on it. :roll:

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