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New map 3rd spawn?

KamekaziKamekazi Posts: 36Registered
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I need some info for the new map. Setting up a poll.

This poll will help me determine how to set the layout of existing planets along with how many planets to build teleporters for.
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  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    Well, believe it or not, but most people don't go shooting off every time they start flying. So there should always be a safe spawn, and have it be much larger than the others. More people will spend time there than not.
  • KamekaziKamekazi Posts: 36Registered
    Keep in mind, there are 2 titan sized build bays, and 3 Battleship bays. a smaller safe zone would encourage more people to build where it will not cause others to RSO, Only going to the safe spawn when they are ready to fly/test. however if the majority decides to have a larger safe build planet I will include one.
  • JohnSheppardJohnSheppard Posts: 14Registered
    You should add a little box with water in it in each of lag bunkers
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  • NormallyClosedSwitchNormallyClosedSwitch Posts: 137Registered
    agreed, some water inside lagbunker is needed because it gives you the possibility to build a fuelstation inside that lagbunker.

    One more thing, make sure you can drill inside a lagbunker. Drills are a significant part in RSO and vid lag in general.
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