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A Petition for a New Faction

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I am a representative of the Helghast Army, and we request our own faction on the Diaspora servers.

I'm not one for long, drawn ought stuff so straight to the point: I own and operate the Helghast Army steamgroup and with many members who play Garrysmod and with several that play on Spacebuild, I would like our own faction apart from the Advocates and the Freelancers.

I could never fit in with either of these groups as neither term or group applies to the Helghast.

I will not tolerate hurtful, annoying, disrespectful, smart-allic, annoying, or trolling comments on this, and doing so just so I'll delete the topic is not going to work.
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    Factions aren't open for joining or creation right now. I don't have any plans for adding new main factions, but in the future there may be an option to make your own groups(that's undecided though, so take it with a grain of salt).

    The ability to join factions without an admin setting your faction probably won't happen for a few months unless I have a lot of free time and feel like working on the server a lot.
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