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ShocksShocks Registered Posts: 6
edited December 2016 in General #1
Hi people 2 things, 1 i never see diaspora online anymore and it's sad to see such a great server missing or gone private. I would love to have access if it is private.

2nd, if possible if the server is down i would like to purchase the gamemode as diaspora is the best spacebuild server i have seen to date.

please contact me via georgebaker_89@hotmail.com
or via the forums. thank you


  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Registered, Administrator Posts: 507
    I feel like you didn't look around the forums before you posted. The server has been up just fine, and in fact, has not been offline for an extended period of time in a very long time now. There was a period a few months ago where the server wouldn't show up on the serverlist, but that was fixed as soon as we were actually made aware of it.

    The current IP is and you can also use the dns which is gmod1.diaspora-community.com, however, I'm guessing you already know that seeing as I see you on the server right now :P
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  • ShocksShocks Registered Posts: 6
    Yeah i apologize, someone told me the dns and i've been on it since, i hope it shows in the servers list again soon the server is amazing, i hope the visual shields will be coming back soon. I love the community always helpful. hopefully when things are more popular i can do some youtube videos for the server and get some space battle footage.
  • SaavedrooSaavedroo Registered Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm sorry I post this on an old topic, but I have the same problem. I can't find the server. I discovered it recently and I really want to join it, but it is not displayed in my list. Is the server down for a moment ?
    (By the way, I'm french, sorry for the mistakes)
  • KanzukeKanzuke Registered, Moderator Posts: 181
    Main Server

    Beta Server

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