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idea for an e2

Lego8_bitLego8_bit Registered Posts: 9
edited June 2013 in Suggestions #1
I've been thinking about this and it been nagging at me for a while now. you seen the e2s that show how many people that are on or that there playing or whatever what if that it showed the steam ids and creates a temporary log about what the player ping was how many props there are and tracks the e2 OP level and percentage if they disconnect it shows you the steam id for about 2 more minutes before it removes the disconnected steam id like for example if a person was prop spamming or trying to spawn kill you could just look at the steam id and report it. now there are some security issues with this idea i know that. what if the person who spawned it can only see it and it blocked the rest of the players seeing the steam ids. i was also thing that this would be an ok admin tool.

this is just an idea for an e2
im open to opinions
its my way or the highway lol


  • Lambda217Lambda217 Registered, Moderator Posts: 534
    i think a public log system would be a better idea, so admins could peek through it to verify reports of mingery

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