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xX Lord Anubis XxxX Lord Anubis Xx Registered Posts: 170
edited June 2012 in Suggestions #1
Can we install the anti-noclip tool? I hear Uclip is broken, so this probably won't work, but it's worth a try...
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  • NinjrKillrNinjrKillr Registered Posts: 175
    Rather amusingly, it was working for me before it was removed :D

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  • AmaroqAmaroq Registered, Administrator Posts: 450
    Anti-Noclip doesn't work anymore. Garry changed the way Noclip works in Source, and isn't really able to be manipulated anymore, as it stands. Very irritating. You can suggest a method to manipulate this to add to Gmod 13, if you want.

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