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Current Core Health Calculations

KanzukeKanzuke Registered, Moderator Posts: 181
edited June 2013 in Suggestions #1
Yeah. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.


This was just a standard sized ship, had no more than a million total hitpoints to it's name, and then we welded props to it that were on other planets. Now it has 4 billion HP.

This is not so much an issue with ships, as I'm pretty sure that'd kill his gyro if he tried to fly it, but for stationary objects, planet bases, space stations, this is a pretty huge exploit.

Sure, we could just ban people who do this, and although it was incredibly amusing in a "what the fuck?!" kind of way, I feel like this shouldn't be such an large exploit.

Not going to pretend I know how the code works, but I think we need a little less bias on volume, or at least a check to see if one prop is several thousand units away from every other.

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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    The funny thing is, LtBrandon knows about it.

    The tricky part is figuring out at what point a prop is just there for stat exploitation. You could distance-cap the calculation, like you said, but then someone would just chain soda cans over to the next planet. You could exclude transparent and nocollided props from the check, but I thought the code already did that. You could also exclude anything from the core calculations that's under a certain volume, but then how would one core an 0.25 scale ship (if those ever come back in style)?

    Everything I can think of to solve the issue either puts us back where we started (where stacking 20 huge props in the same spot gave you a godly core), or would cause issues in not-too-uncommon situations.
  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Registered, Administrator Posts: 507
    Yeah this is a well known thing among the super admin/developer staff, no one has been able to come up with a good way to fix it. Even if it IS a really REALLY exploitable thing(most people below super don't even know about it for that reason) the only ways to fix it so far will either cause more lag or highly limit what players can do.

    I could move it back to the old calculation easily, but that is just as exploitable. You could put citadels and invisible crap on your ship for hp, which you can't do now. This method is also more fair to those building small bridge or mod bridge ships, because before those ships barely got any health.
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