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[Economy] How To Trade

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Our main support mod, Essentials, comes with an economy system of its own. In our server, new players start with $150 to do with how they please.

Players can use the /balance command to see how much they have in their account, and the /pay <name> <amount> in order to pay money for goods or services.

Another option open to players is the Trade Sign. A Trade Sign is simply one of the many sign-based tools on the server (along with [Protection] for chests and the many things from Craftbook). This allows for trading of goods and cash while one party is offline, but is a little tricky to get the hang of and remember (granted it's nowhere NEAR E2 levels of difficulty), since it's really picky about its formatting. The sign format is as follows:
1. &#91;Trade&#93;
2. # item OR $##             // This is what you want from the trade
3. same as above:##stocked   // This is what you have, you cannot stock what you don't have.
4. &lt;Unused&gt;

In this format, a Trade Sign selling a full stack of dirt for $5 would be the following:
64 dirt:64

This means that if a user right-clicks the sign, they will put in $5 and receive 64 dirt from the stock, emptying it to 0 since there's only 64 in there. Likewise, the trades can go the other way around. In the following, the trade is buying 64 dirt for $5. Wanting up to 5 stacks, this user puts in 5 trades worth of cash ($25):
64 dirt

I hope this clears things up for you guys! Keep in mind that there will also eventually be a Marketplace in a town in which players can go to direct-buy/sell materials, and post their trade signs as well.
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