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Joystick support

woothiewoothie Registered Posts: 44
edited September 2016 in Suggestions #1
I can't find a single menition for joystick support on the forums. I am baffled by both my own and everyone else's complete neglect of joystick use for epic fighter flying.


The module linked might be outdated, I have no idea. Wiremod hasn't changed too much these last two years, right? Hehe...
But seriously, please make this happen <3


  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    I swear there was a thread on that hanging around somewhere, but for some reason the search function says "joystick" is too common a term (wat). The last time I checked this mod, it didn't actually do anything. But yes, feel free to test it on your client with the latest SBEP stuff and see if it works/does anything at all.

    If you come back with a report of "working", I'll see about adding it. However, if it's broken and inactive, the last thing we need is even MORE codebases to support. :P
  • woothiewoothie Registered Posts: 44
    Confirmed, it works. It's a bit clunky, but it's functionally sound as far as I can see. It's registering my Logitech 3D Extreme just fine, all axies and buttons. Some of the axises might be somewhat mislabeled, but they work. Details on how it works and how to use it Soon™

  • woothiewoothie Registered Posts: 44
    So, short summary. There are two modules: Joystick and Joystick Multi. The first can register an input from your joystick and output a value, the other can do the same, but eight times over. It handles analogue, and this is actually toggle-able in the context menu: http://i.imgur.com/gW8tQ8w.png As you can see, you can also change what value it goes from and to - in the case of analogue, it'll slide from X to Y, while in the case of buttons, it's a hard true or false, duh. Note that for these to register separately, you have to give them a number, else you end up with eight entries all registering and outputting if you press trigger.

    You can calibrate it and out on deadzones too, which is useful for joysticks with a bit of give (like my own). By default the raw input goes from 0 to 65535 and it scales in increments of 1, but this is configurable as well: http://i.imgur.com/sKIOlFq.png

    It seems to be able to support devices with up to eight axises, two hats and 32 buttons. I'd reckon this would cover most consumer joysticks and possibly HOTAS out there: http://i.imgur.com/Safece4.png

    Pls add <3

  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    Next up is getting it to the clients reliably. The DLL requirement means Workshop is out, so that's a roadblock. I'll have to do some testing later to see if clients don't error to hell without the DLL installed. If not, it's just a simple matter of adding "If you want Joysticks to work, download this!" to the SVN/Downloads thread.

    Also, my HLSW isn't working correctly due to a weird router setup, so any serverside errors on Production will have to be caught by Brandon.
  • woothiewoothie Registered Posts: 44
    No idea what you mean by Production, but this sounds like progress. I like c: Looking forward to joystick-powered fighter dogfights in the future™ I'll try and see what happens without the dll, one moment.

  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    Terms for levels of development:

    - Local: Loading up a listen server to check for stability/functionality of changes.
    - Dev: Tossing stuff onto the "Space Combat Beta" server for public testing. Unstable/Unproven code.
    - Production ("Prod"): Main build server, most stable and tested code.
  • woothiewoothie Registered Posts: 44
    Gotcha. Also, the mod still loads and lets you spawn the modules without the .dll, but it doesn't register anything and won't let me open the config window, basically making it nonfuctional. No crashing though.

  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Registered, Administrator Posts: 849
    Noted. Thank you.

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