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VRS Vengeance

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The Vengeance Cruiser was built and designed by Stahl Arms in the Deep South facility at Helghan's southern sector.

The ship was originally destroyed on its maiden voyage and was part of the cause of the Terracide on Helghan's surface. After the Petrucite fires cleared, the ship was rebuilt and refurbished, recieving weapon upgrades and armor upgrades. With an irradiated petrucite FTL drive, anti-matter cannons, and a large array of other weapons; The Vengeance quickly became the Helghats' secret weapon.

After the second extra-solar war, word got to the remaining Helghast that a large force had invaded a nearby star system. Fearing that their home of Alpha Centauri might be in danger of invasion, the Helghan Government deployed Vengeance and Revenance as the two head ships in the orbital defense fleet above Helghan.

So far, the Vengeance has not encountered any hostile combat.....
True heroes don't kill their enemies. True heroes would rather themselves die than their enemy. A true hero fights to protect his friend and foe.

-Admiral Hunter

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