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Making njits23 an admin

NormallyClosedSwitchNormallyClosedSwitch Registered Posts: 137
edited December 2013 in Suggestions #1
Hey as I said in my other posts I've spent some times in diaspora lately

There is one guy who I think is an all around good pick to become an admin, in fact I would rather see him become an admin so I can delete everyone stuff who isnt an admin without deleting him, but that's my selfish interest in it, but the guy just fit right in what an admin should be on diaspora.

I would like Err McSrsly [NOR] to manifest himself! OH SPIRIT OF Err McSrsly [NOR] MANIFEST YOURSELF BEFORE THE SPIRIT COUNCIL!
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  • NormallyClosedSwitchNormallyClosedSwitch Registered Posts: 137
    njits23, old timer, Knowledgeable about this server systems, all around good guy.

    He's been around a lot and deserves it. Last time I checked he wasn't even a respected player when he deserve admin rights.

    I know I'm asking for 3 guys to have admin rights but you guys know how diaspora is, you play a little then you dont play for like a year, so having everyone who can be an admin be an admin is ensuring an admin is around all year long, just saying most of the times there isn't any admin on..
    "...wait, this IS rocket science!!!"
  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Registered, Administrator Posts: 507
    I've merged your topics(leaving the divran one seperate).

    I'm willing to give anyone who the community wants a temporary admin position so I can evaluate them. Usually when I do this I watch them for about a week and if I see them doing a good job(removing minges, teaching new players, etc) then I'll promote them to full admin status until they do something that ends with them being banned(when I ban an admin they also lose their admin status for a while).

    Get a few people in here to support your case(s) and I'll give them their trial by fire. :twisted:
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  • njits23njits23 Registered Posts: 8
    Well, I am interested myself. If I'm put through the trial of fire, I'll do my best to help new players and teach new players the things they do not yet grasp. I'm pretty sure Err would do the same thing. I've played with him for a while and he's always been helpful. I know that he knows how to properly build ships, so I'm confident he could help others build theirs. I'm sure he would make the right decisions regarding minges, and their removal.

    I hope some other people could comment here too and say what they think about this. If they've had positive or negative experiences with us, and if they'd like to see us as admins.

    And when we're put through the trial, we'll try not to break the server :D
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  • ErrErr Registered Posts: 11
    I'm interested too. I usually help players who does not know how to parent his ship or to make one in general. or if they are missing models. As for minges i would usually clean up the mess they made and give them a warning, else they will get kicked. All in all its to put players and the server at ease. As for Njits, he is a fine lad who who likes to build ships and he some times helps a new person when there is no one to do so. He will certanly do a nice job. I'm confident that we will both do a great job through our trial and after if we where to suceed.

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