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Dupe Syncing

Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator
edited April 2012 in Suggestions #1
Can't remember if we already got this for Adv Dupe 1, but could we get it so Adv Dupe 2 files sync between the Build and Battle servers?

And while I'm making suggestions, how about a knife SWEP that, should you successfully infiltrate a cruiser, allows you to go up behind the captain's chair and stab them repeatedly right in the bloody face while also causing their ship to explode for some reason, and then it deletes all their dupe files and sets their hours to zero?
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  • NinjrKillrNinjrKillr Posts: 175Registered
    +5 for the second idea.

    And we never got Dupe Syncing for Adv. Dupe 1.

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