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We're Finally Back!

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Greetings, whoever is still left!

After a painfully extended downtime, the main public server is now back up and running. Now, keep in mind that we're still updating everything, so not everything is working 100%. However, the base game is working perfectly fine after a couple days of testing, and many of our plugins still have base functionality regardless of the Release Update.

A couple of you may have noticed that the server has been up for the past couple of days, as noted before. First off, I am quite surprised at how quick some of you were to notice. Secondly, the reason for the delay in announcement was due to the lack of properly-functioning Server Backup system. I took those couple of days to program one up that should be working even better than the one we had before, and will continue to stay up-to-date due to us having access to the source code.

Let me take a moment to note some of the differences and such in our server to let every one of you easily get acquainted with the new system:
  • To start off with, ElixirMod has been taken out due to an alchemy system being implemented in stock Minecraft, which is much better than the one I could make, I must say.
  • We have implemented a save-and-load system for Minecraft called DupeBox. Pasting in DupeBox requires all the materials that would be in the pasted structure, as well as some gold for balance. To use this, type "/dupe" in the chat for full instructions. When pasting anything in the new worlds from Baehr and Talon, call over an Admin, and one of us will force-complete the process so there will be no costs to you for recovery.
  • The user accounts have all been preserved, and you will all spawn in your original positions in Baehr, but as noted in prior threads, Baehr and Talon will cease to exist in 2 months time (February 19, 2012 to be exact). Take this time to use our new DupeBox plugin to move any structures you wish to save to the new world, Myrrha, as well as to salvage everything from the your storage chests.
  • As per the above, all warps in the old worlds still exist, and will be the way to get back and forth between them and the new worlds. In order to get to Myrrha from any of the other worlds, type "/spawn" or "/warp fort_sonora" in chat, those are two points which are available at this time.
  • As of this post, the new Talon replacement has not yet been implemented. This will be along shortly, but we want to make sure everything else works first. Expect the new world to be along in the next couple of weeks.

Expect a complete changelog posted within the next week as all the updates and such propagate. See you on the server!
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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    By the way, at the end of the grace period, both the old worlds will be available here for download, so all those who don't care to lose their stuff, and don't know how to move it into the new worlds, can keep it locally and do with it as they please.
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