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Latest World Maps (Warning, Very Large Images!)

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As stated in the Info page, we currently have 3 worlds running on the server, and each are free for building in. This thread is for displaying the current state of each world in Isometric view both in the day and at night. North on these maps is in the Top Right.

All renders are done in CartographG, found here
These are all updated manually. I do these on a regular basis, but sometimes they may get out of date. If you think that is true, give me a poke in a PM and I'll run them all again. Note that you may need to Ctrl+F5 to see any changes.

EDIT: The above statement is now inaccurate, I have an automated task that does it for me now.

Click each image for it's full size.
Updates every day at 5 AM PST (-8 GMT).
Main World: Baehr



Northern Wastes: Talon


The Nether

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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Going to have to disable these for now, until we can get a much better map display method. The method I used for these is beginning to take its toll, as the maps are getting more and more huge by the day. If we could get a decentralized version of DynMap, one that could be hosted on the forums instead of my box, then this would come back in full storm. But for now, these are no longer "live".

    Perhaps I can set this up differently a bit later, perhaps a once-a-week/month zipped upload of the map, as displaying the world images here are beginning to be too much (on my browser, the Baehr maps have a hard time showing up at all).
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