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Planning for the Future

Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
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We know at some point there is going to be an in built modding API for MineCraft. Even now there is a basic API that someone else made for both Client and Server to add custom objects. Because of this, and how it is presently either unstable or a future feature, I thought it might be a good idea to go over what things we might want on a server that would utilize a custom client.

So, to that end, I feel now would be a good time to sort out what mods we would be interested in using and what mods we would be interested in making.

Please note I am thinking of specific addons but might have trouble finding them as I am taking a short break at work but have to deal with a heavy filter. Hence some links might be wrong or more than one before I can narrow down the right one.

World Enhancement Mods:
The Aether
Nether Update

Vehicular Enhancement Mods:
Powered Steam Boat [1] [2] (It is one of these, I think the same guy made the air-ship)

Quintessential Creatures

Other Enhancement Mods:
"Better Books" (Suggestion Type Thread)
Better Wood
Flower Craft

Silly but Cool (Read, unlikely to be added but pretty neat):
Portal Gun

With the help of everyone, most say to the admins, I hope to find the best mods and ideas so down the road when it does become stably possible to have such things on a server, we can do it without quibbling or indecisiveness. Keep in mind, this could be quite a long while coming, it depends on when Minecraft implements its own modding API since any non-official one unless as supported as Bukkit is unlikely to work. The biggest issue is everyone has to have the right mods installed at such point that we get this far, but I think planning for it now is worth it.

So, lets hear some ideas and see some links! And don't be rude. The idea will be to find mods that are cool and not game breaking and also fit within the universe that is Minecraft.
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  • ZardianZardian Posts: 88Registered
    i support all of those excluding airship, creatures and portal gun >.<
    airship? ..well..just...meh
    creatures, too much makes it messy.
    portal gun... well.. its neat but no
    the eternal pain in our beloved superadmins asses. Does stuff.
  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    Zardian wrote:
    airship? ..well..just...meh
    This would only be feasible if we went for a very large area of playability. Though I also think it might be a bit slow. To have this we would need some form of restriction.
    Zardian wrote:
    creatures, too much makes it messy.
    I sort of like the turtle. It depends on how tastefully such things are added.
    Zardian wrote:
    portal gun... well.. its neat but no
    Concur 100%. It just looked cool so I had to link it.

    I would love to see a leveling system where at level 1 for all stats the game is stock and then as you improve you get things like a higher chance of a double drop and the ability to use non-standard tools or craft non-standard things (like airships if so added but restricted). I think leveling can indeed work in Minecraft, but only if it applied to new things. I remember when Runescape first added the level requirements for weapons and armor use {SHUDDER}.

    If possible, I would also want to allow mob-spawner collection from dungons. This is doable now with a bukkit mod (with group permissions) but I would love to see it tied into a high level of Dungeon Crawling. I would also want more complex dungeons. Sort of like a secondary cave generator that makes complex rooms.

    Any ideas of yours that might be interesting Zard?

    For some reason I keep wanting to be able to play on the Moon. No idea why. I guess the high jumps and ability to collect new resources. It would be interesting since everywhere except in a sealed room would have no air. (Spawn in a LEM.) But that is somewhat silly and doesn't fit the scope of Minecraft. However, another 'realm' or some portal of some kind that put you on the Moon or a place like it would make sense.
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