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Mjolnir Asshattery; FIXME

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
edited August 2013 in Tech Support #1
LtBrandon, fix dis


Problem persists until GMod is restarted completely, not just rejoin. Even corrupts the menus.
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  • Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator
    seems like normal mjolnir behavior to me

    "I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."
  • XellXell Posts: 11Registered
    Just dont fire all guns at once :P
  • xX Lord Anubis XxxX Lord Anubis Xx Posts: 170Registered
    Lambda217 wrote:
    seems like normal mjolnir behavior to me
    Every Human Being has some capacity for evil. It's just that some Humans have a greater capacity for evil than others.

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