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My canonical absence and return to BA.

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Copy of: Log #18775, Entry #53 - [%&?//?P] Zardian {Decryption error}
-This is a copy from the last known entry on Zardians research log. Current status: presumed MIA.-
Log #18775, Entry #53 - [%&?//?P] Zardian {Decryption error}
My recent work has finally yielded some perceivable path to results and progress. Through some
miracle i managed to successfully raid an ADARI databank using a miniature drone.The databank
was located on a small ridiculously well hidden base and was encrypted excessively, however i
manged to salvage some data of a ¤¤(//rift-drive %&¤emaCC)O34223& {Decryption error}
The same Bloody thing i've been attempting to make operational forever now. Altho the (¤(¤&&£>__
isn't complete {Decryption error}
i will attempt to reverse engineer some parts of it and see if i can make progress on my own version.

I shall report back to ¤)¤&lyn_ should i make progress. {Decryption error}

Shortly after this all contact with the Wyvern was lost. Should any member of the advocates have further
information they are instructed to immediately contact HQ with it.

Bereavement Advocates Wyvern prototype battlecruiser automatic status report.
[Blackout] Contact re-establishment protocol after [#ShipTime Malfuction] #days.
[Damage report] Outer hull integrity at 57%.
[Damage report] Inner hull integrity at 78%.
[Damage report] Fire supression systems tasked at 112% capacity.
[Damage report] Life support systems operating at 5% capacity.
[Damage report] ¤)(#(#/%%%-siegebeam primary fire cycle at 0% capacity. {Decryption error}
[Damage report] ##%%_..;?+=)) ¤/48483__< 484=###(C"" {Decryption failure}
[Damage report] Turreted Ion cannons structural failure.
[Damage report] Fusion array offline. Automatic reboot unsuccesful on 347 attempts.
[Damage report] Shield core at 2% capacity. Recharging at 0 Units/s.
[Damage report] Control interface offline.
[Ship status] 99% of crew dead.
[Ship status] 1 evacuation pod launched.
[Ship status] Captain Zardian unaccounted for.
[Ship status] Derelict security systems online.
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the eternal pain in our beloved superadmins asses. Does stuff.


  • Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator

    "I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."
  • ZardianZardian Posts: 88Registered
    Last image from the wyverns camera-drone.

    (also ^lol)
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    the eternal pain in our beloved superadmins asses. Does stuff.
  • Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator

    [OPERATIVE 217]: <REDACTED>, you left the fucking chip pan on.
    [ADARI 12]: No, this is <REDACTED>. Was the mission successful?
    [OPERATIVE 217]: I planted the fuck out of the blueprint, if that's what you mean.
    [ADARI 12]: Good. I assume you took precautions to ensure the bait was taken?
    [OPERATIVE 217]: Of course. You should know by now, our work is undertaken with the utmost precision.

    <RENAME schematics/SeismicBomb.sch TO schematics/<REDACTED>prototype.sch ? Y/N>
    <Y Y Y Y Y>

    [ADARI 12]: I believe our business is concluded then. We will upload the blueprints to the server you requested. Good day.
    [OPERATIVE 217]: Cya.
    [OPERATIVE 217]: Fuck.

    "I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."
  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    Wait wait wait, while I've been away the ADARI weaponized my rift drive? Or did we disguise a bomb as a piece of utility? Well, the rift drive never did work right, and at that it was only designed for drone use. If it did get used I pity anyone who tried to fly people into one, or a ship of the size to FIT a person for that matter.

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