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Player Report: Major Prop Spam

eeeseeeeeeseee Posts: 2Registered
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I'm am very sorry if I didn't put this post in the wrong area, but I feel like I needed to report this player before he causes major harm to the server.
=pb= Foreskin_Sniper

Type of report:
Prop spam

Names of the Accused:

What happened?
This player at first was spamming missiles and killed me multiple times. I asked him kindly to stop and he did for a short while. Later he began to spam multiple props causing major lag to the server. He kept doing it until I decided to remove this menace from the Diaspora Community. This server can be amazing, but only if the players are willing to be kind to each other. This player on the other hand was not able to comply with the rules. So I kept props following him so he couldn't spawn anymore and I kept killing him before he could exit the spawn.

Screenshots and other evidence:
Click on the link below because some of the pictures are cut off:
If you need more evidence just ask. I have plenty.
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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    I'll go yell at him next time I see him. He's normally an okay player and this would be his first reported offense.

    Also, don't respond to stuff like this by spawncamping the person and using mingey E2s and stuff on them; breaking rules in response to someone else breaking rules still means that you broke the rules.
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