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Boss was on the server and Anime Girls was at spawn building something when Boss came by and blew its stuff up with a naval mine.
In the process he also killed me and Anime; me and Anime saw what he did and he refused ever doing it, then he continued doing it and I got a screen shot.
After I saw he did it I had my E2 scan him for his Steam ID
Console log:
Jordi LaForge: Boss...
Boss97PL: What?
Anime Girls [PL]: No co chuju.
Jordi LaForge: I just saw you set off those mines.
Anime Girls [PL]: Me too.
Anime Girls [PL]: Ban n00b.
Wrote 'screenshots/sb_spacewar_v60000.jpg': 2.95 MB (1280x768) compresssed (quality 90) to 164.30 KB
Jordi LaForge: I just saw you do it agin.
felix008 connected
Trying to Spawn Resource Node: resource_node
Anime Girls [PL]: Ha n00b.
Trying to Spawn Resource Node: resource_node
Jordi LaForge: Glitch san.
Jordi LaForge: Glitch scan.
Glitch: Jordi LaForge , scanning Boss97PL
Glitch: Scan complete
Glitch: Boss97PL, is 5 metres away from you , STEAM_0:0:34440712
Jordi LaForge: Their I got your Steam ID.
Anime Girls [PL]: Me yoo.
Anime Girls [PL]: Too.
Anime Girls [PL]: Redy to ban?
felix008 was killed by worldspawn
Boss97PL: # 100 "Anime Girls [PL]" STEAM_0:0:31688347 48:59 143 0 active#
Boss97PL: 143 0 active# 96 "Jordi.
[Gmod-Net.] Greenplants: !parent.
Boss97PL: Me too.
Jordi LaForge: The point of the Steam ID is so I can post this on the forums.
Anime Girls [PL]: I must have alot of oxygen.
Jordi LaForge: And we don't have to wait for you to come on the server.
Jordi LaForge: We just ban you from ID.
vern.vernon was killed by prop_physics
Anime Girls [PL]: Jordi *brofist*
Boss97PL: Keep talking.
Jordi LaForge: You just destroyed his work.
Jordi LaForge: Be right back going to forums :D.
felix008 disconnected
vern.vernon disconnected
[Gmod-Net.] Greenplants disconnected
Trying to Spawn Resource Node: resource_node
felix008's props (1) have been autocleaned.
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