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Server MOTD

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Hello and welcome to Diaspora! We are a mainly Spacebuild 4 Community, and we have TONS of mods to play around with so you can build pretty much whatever comes to mind!

Requirements: (<----ERRORs everywhere? Look here!)
The downside of having tons of mods is that YOU to install some as well. You WILL need to download everything marked as required on our Download Links, Map Links, and Server Info thread! Read the thread for more info!

Download Required Mods Here: http://diaspora-community.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9

  • February 7th, 2017: European Build Server online! This server is currently in a testing phase, so expect some oddities! Join here: [url=steam://connect/gmod2.diaspora-community.com]gmod2.diaspora-community.com[/url]
  • January 8th, 2017: Discord Server online and linked to Gmod Servers! Join here: discord.gg/011dfXz9mvLeRCh8m

The rules here at Diaspora are simple:
  • Don't Be a Dick! - Dickery is one of the least tolerated things here, and the staff will hold you to this rule more than any other!
  • Parent your Ship! - NEVER move an unparented ship! There are plenty of tools and plenty of instructions on how to parent a ship properly. The staff reserves the right to clear your stuff and boot you from the server if you refuse to do so!
  • Listen to the Admins! - And also take the advice of anyone with a yellow name, they know what they're talking about. Ignoring the admins will probably end with your connection being ignored by the server, if you get my meaning.
  • The Spawn Planet is Safe! - Well, a safe zone, at any rate. Firing on or from the Spawn Planet is strictly forbidden! If you must test your weapons, do it on another planet.
  • Space is Not Safe! - As the Spawn Planet is protected, space is very much not. Be prepared to defend yourself!
  • Press F2 For Answers! - Got questions? They've probably been answered before! Check the F2 menu for tutorials and frequently asked questions!
  • Don't Bash Props or Players! - During the course of your stay here, a guy named Steeveeo may end up giving you a crowbar. This is not for hitting people's things while they're building. Hit your own things, but keep in mind that hitting props can end up breaking them on this server! Breaking other people's stuff counts as firing on the spawn planet, don't do it!

Our Servers:
Teamspeak 3: [url=ts3server://ts.diaspora-community.net]ts.diaspora-community.com[/url]
Discord: discord.gg/011dfXz9mvLeRCh8m

- - - - -[url=steam://connect/gmod1.diaspora-community.com]Join Build 1[/url]- - - - - - - - - - -[url=steam://connect/gmod2.diaspora-community.com]Join Build 2[/url]- - - - - - - - - - -[url=steam://connect/test.diaspora-community.com]Join Test[/url]- - - - -

The words of these people are law! Disrespect them at your own risk!
  • Sysops - These servers would not be here if not for these players!
    • Clakattack
    • DataShmuck
    • Fuhrball
    • LtBrandon
    • Steeveeo
  • Admins - The peacekeeping force of the servers!
    • Anubis
    • Coupez
    • Daracon
    • Deci
    • Divran
    • DuneD
    • Kanzuke
    • Lambda
    • Mouldy
    • NCSwitch
    • Nielk1
    • Puff Machine
    • Razor9511
    • Rose Inko
    • Soma
    • TangentDelta
    • TheNinjrKillr
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