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3 in 1 multi Ropespammer, Propspammer and Compressorspammer

Puff MachinePuff Machine Posts: 23Registered
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Hello there investors and do we have a good product here for you today!

Presenting the [G-S] Death Desturbafag Model Mingebag from BanBucket-Industrys.
This mingebag has many features includeing: PropSpamming, RopeSpamming And last but not least Oxygen Compressor Spamming.

Here are some wonderful screenshots of the minge in action:





Shortly after this the server froze up from propspam for about half an hour until his props auto cleared.

And heres the aftermath:


Please send any and all ban investments to: STEAM_0:1:48392797

Note: I'm hosting these images on my server so if there are any problems I screwed up somewhere D:
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My avatar is weird.


  • OverloaderdaveOverloaderdave Posts: 87Registered
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    but really, you know the bot guy? well, he propspammed on the server once then brandon banned him after seperately (without knowing he had propspammed, for something else) but he rejoined afterwards... O.o?
    evil, its spelt humorous
    but really, cant we get an e2 to put a prop inside their camera? it would stop them doing anything. at all.
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