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Stealthydeer and maybe iiParnel

OverloaderdaveOverloaderdave Posts: 87Registered
edited January 2013 in Bans & Appeals #1
well, to start someone else spawned loads of gyropods but removed them. then this guy joined and spawned a ton and said he had "20000000" FPS and that we should leave if our computers couldnt handle it. then he spammed a ton of bridges:
after this the server crashed.
steam ID of stealthy is STEAM_0:0:58534505
iiParnel I dont think needs a permaban but maybe a 1 hour ban as he spawned a train and smashed it into the gyros
steamID is STEAM_0:0:58534505
the last screeny was taken at around 8:57 greenwich mean time
EDIT: oops wrong screenshot
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