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Wrongful ban

SpartanTacoDuckieSpartanTacoDuckie Posts: 2Registered
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Hello, I was banned today (1/3/13) for a very bad reason.
I was building a ship, and some people on the server who apparently "Run the server while the admins are gone" said that I HAD to parent my ship, so I said "I don't see it in the rules, so I don't need to" So they started to kill me. They said to parent my ship, but they never gave me a chance to anyways. I was about to parent it because it was getting annoying to keep dying, but then they nuked my ship. After they nuked it, they started to kill me again and said "You didn't parent it" and then kept on killing me. They said to parent it again, but as I was trying to do it my ship was nuked again. One guy went to spawn with a crossbow and kept spawnkilling me, so I quickly ran out and into the TP. Now they were spawnkilling me, and using E2 to kill me with props. Since they did this I spawned 3 of the ships, but they kept killing me. (I spawned 3 because they were pissing me off) So then they started recording and taking screenshots, and got an admin into the server. I was going to talk to him about it, but he just banned me.

What the fuck. (note: The admin who banned me was Mouldy_Taco)

Steam name: neo_slave
In-game name: SpartanTacoDuckie (with a ton of symbols)
Steam ID: Steam_0:1:33169848

The people I had a conflict with: Reverend Qwerty, Ultraken, The Fiscal Cliff, Avalice, Null speaker

Spawnkill proof:
[WBF]The Fiscal Cliff killed †D:F_§Þårtåñ_Ta¢Ø_Dùc using crossbow_bolt
[WBF]The Fiscal Cliff killed †D:F_§Þårtåñ_Ta¢Ø_Dùc using crossbow_bolt
[WBF]The Fiscal Cliff killed †D:F_§Þårtåñ_Ta¢Ø_Dùc using crossbow_bolt

Propkill using E2 proof:
†D:F_§Þårtåñ_Ta¢Ø_Dùc was killed by prop_physics
[TBG] [WBF] Reverend Qwerty: Tellling ya, keep the E2 going
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  • Mouldy_TacoMouldy_Taco Posts: 133Registered, Moderator
    I was informed that a player was spamming ships on the server, so I booted up gmod. Connecting to the server was quite sluggish, so I thought "Gee this must be bad." That is my justification for the somewhat quick ban.


    After consulting screenshots taken by one of the players, and taking into consideration your post, it seems to me that you were provoked into spawning those ships. I've said it once before and I'll say it again, if someone is causing trouble for you on the servers, immediately report to an administrator instead of taking matters into your own hands. I don't approve of the action you took against other players, but I will also say that the behavior of those other players was very rude as well.

    I will have your ban removed asap. I apologize for any inconvenience my jumping the gun has caused, and I hope that you can understand the reasoning for my actions.

    Addendum: Unbanned.
    "If this works, it'll keep us from getting' caught. If it doesn't, it'll keep us from gettin' old," -- MacGyver
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