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Button Display Fixing

AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
edited January 2011 in Announcements #1
Several buttons, such as the Edit, New Topic, Quote, and a few others would not display, and were not able to be used. This has been fixed. It was due to a mislabeling of some images, pertaining to what language is selected by default.

Because of this, everyone who joined the forums before January 25th, 2 PM (Eastern Standard Time) will have to go to the User Control Panel, located on the top left of the forums.

From there, Select the Board Preferences tab near the top of the page. Look for an option called "My Language." If this is set to US English, then change it to British English. There is no apparent difference between the two, so it will not hinder you ability to navigate the boards.

If this is already set to British English, then you are already set to go.

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