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Q Menu not showing right? Look here!

LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
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So it seems a few of our players were having difficulties with the Q Menu skin not downloading properly. Download the attached 7z file and unzip it to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder with the tool of your choice(it being a 7zip file I use that.), after you do that you should be able to see the Q Menu ingame perfectly fine.
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  • MikeMikeMikeMike Posts: 2Registered
    Hi,I really like that skin.Is possible to take it to singleplayer? I really want it.

    send me a message as fast as possible to this email:halocombatevolved@seznam.cz
  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
    Repackaged as a ZIP for the few who can't extract the 7zip

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