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My Old Dupes (Download)

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
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So NinjrKillr said something that made me realize that I never actually recovered my dupes from the server after my old harddrive died. Unfortunately, E2 is not saved server-side, so those are permanently gone unless I can find a backup somewhere. Fortunately, I still had the FTP credentials for the server and access to the Duplicator folder. So I found my folder still existed and downloaded it. Might as well not let old tech go to waste, so here it is.

The Dragoon was the last thing I ever worked on, I think, and I had a lot of fun working on it and flying it around the place, so that's one of the things I recommend toying with. Just don't expect anything incredibly powerful in here, I don't think I made many things with weaponry, and even fewer capital ships. Most of this was "just because" and/or "to see if I could."

A quick couple of notes before anyone downloads this: Most of this stuff is more than a year old now, so it probably doesn't work 100% in the new system, so use at your own risk. Also, I had a hell of a time actually finishing anything, so 80-90% of the stuff in the zip file is unfinished, 60% of it is just empty hulls that didn't get to space-worthiness. There are also a few administration things in there that used things like Black Hole Caches for various purposes, so those probably won't dupe in correctly.

Feel free to edit, copy, and distribute any of these dupes just like any of my old E2s that still exist in the wild.

Steeveeo's Dupes.zip
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  • Lambda217Lambda217 Posts: 534Registered, Moderator
    Oh man, the Aurora. I remember being in total awe of that thing when I was new to spacebuild.

    "I want you to show this world what it means to fear the sky."

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