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So seeing as we are nearing completion of the factions system on Garry's Mod 13 I'd like you guys to come up with some serious good suggestions for the remaining 3 MAIN factions. So if you'd like to submit a faction please fill out the following form:
Faction Name: Insert epic name here.

Backstory: Insert most epic story ever here.

Technology: Insert your epic level items here.

Play style: Insert epic diagram of ways to do things here.

I take submissions seriously, if you post a bad one I'll inform you to fix it and make your post explode!

Current factions:
Faction Name: Bereavement Advocates

Backstory: For anyone reading this who feels slightly confused, BA is meant to seem like an unknown so I wrote this as log entries pulled from the computer system of a destroyed BA ship. -Lt.Brandon

Log #21854 - Commander Kanzuke
...After the strange events of the final battle we seem to be trapped in a strange dimension. [The next few sentences are scrambled and left out] Tonig5!#427$51fght we will be reactiv!#@W$%*g the "special system". Lieutenant Brandon has ordered me to do an inventory check on our fleet before we do it, just in case we get sent into hostile territory.

Log #21926 - Commander Kanzuke
As mentioned in several previous entries, I was asked to complete an inventory check on the fleet. I've just recently completed it and sent it off to Brandon so he can complete preparations for the "activation".

  • 8,525,000 Fatman Drones
  • 85,000 Tyrannus Class hulls fit for either bombing or anti air operations
  • 5231 Bereavement Heavy Frigates
  • 2000 Scyth Cruisers
  • 1500 Daredevil Cruisers
  • 1500 Nemesis Carrier Cruisers
  • 250 Pendulum Battleships
  • 80 Scyth Dreadnaughts
  • 4 Provodusion class warships
  • 2 Scyth Command Ships

Log #26315 - Lieutenant Brandon
Due to the recent loss of our leader in the final battle, it seems I'm being made to take up the position. The Eversor Regalis seems to be fairly damaged, about half of the guns are offline and the main engines refuse to start. I recently received the inventory of the hangers from Kanzuke, most of the invasion fleet made it aboard without too much damage so if we end up in hostile space we might be able to hold out a while.[The final section of this log is encrypted heavily]

Log #27153 - Commander Soma
[The log is encrypted outside of this section]
...why he wants to do it again is beyond me! Right now all we know about the last blast this unleashed is that it turned a whole galaxy to dust and warped us into another dimension! This ship is in no condition to go through that again, he should atleast wait until we finish repairs to the outer hull...[DATA CORRUPTED]

Log #31521 - Commander Vapours
Upon reviewing our security logs of the "incident" that occurred just before the firing of the main weapon, it seems that one "Steeveeo" escaped from his cell block and ran off to the reactor control room. No one has heard from him since, but we can only assume that he caused the massive explosion that made the weapon go haywire.

Log #38248 - Admiral Brandon
..After firing the weapon again it seems we have corrected our dimensional position, but we are in either an unknown area of space or we have traveled through time. Sensors detect large amounts of life in the near-by systems, but as it seems our arrival caused quite the cataclysmic event. We detected several massive changes in the density of near-by stars, several of them are about to go super nova. The ship is damaged beyond most any use, we are going to require years to repair it. The local systems seem to hold plenty of resources, and seeing as most of those resources are guarded by lifeforms unfamiliar to us we shall destroy everything in our path.

BA.png 8666812AABE146DF21963A72F63152E392BA036D
B59B1DCDCC26282104B7CACE65C97B7112473DD5 7DF21ABF35A5B0887458B87073930006D6643AA2


Most Bereavement Advocates ships are using unknown technology to great effect, their ships seem to use some sort of passive shield tank and armor tank combo, in most cases at least. From what little we've learned of their technology these are the main points:
  • During our observation of a defensive fleet, we picked up signals that lead us to believe they have advanced AI technology.
  • Their weapons generally mix EM waves and plasma filled shells.
  • They have strong spatial distortion technology.
  • The main weakness across all ships is power disruption weapons.
  • It seems that their main base is located in an object of unknown origin, from a distance it looks like a ship, but it's almost 150,000KM^3!
  • Their main fleet seems to be called "Scyth Fleet", they utilize WMDs to take out most anything in a few shots.
  • In our analysis of the remains of a destroyed BA ship computer we found that they have maps of space unfamiliar to us, with their level of spatial distortion technology I would have to guess that they come from a completely different area of the universe!

Play style:
The Bereavement Advocates are known to be split into multiple sections, each with their own style of brutal destruction. For the most part, however, their attacks start with a huge EM burst that confuses their target and knocks out some of their systems, after that it's just mayhem, pillaging, and destruction.

Faction Name: Freelancers United

..Following the sudden appearance of the Bereavement Advocates and the cataclysmic events that came with their arrival, the Freelancers United was brought into existence in order to combat them. Bringing technology from every sector of space, the Freelancers were, at the time, the only line of defense against the BA hordes. Before these events the Freelancers rarely cooperated with each other, to this day they are fighting the BA forces, both for the large pay check and for protecting everything we all know.

The Freelancers use many forms of technology bought from many nations. The only things specific to most all of their ships is that they have strong shielding against EM waves, and that they have managed to mount some BA weaponry onto their turret points.

Play Style:
As members came from many places and work lines, the Freelancers have no specific play style. They adapt and fight as they wish.
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    <<New Faction>>

    Faction name
    <<Titanium Talons>>

    <<Back story>>
    The "titanium talons" originated from a barren desert planet located in a solar system approximately 15.000 light years from Earth. The planet was colonized in the year 2187 A.D by a mining company selling high-grade metal such as aluminium, iridium, and the planets natural resource "Titanium". In 2188 the planets population rose from 10,000 in 2187 to 6.000.000 after the governor placed high-end work placements for on/off planet miners. The planets governor took "fatally ill" and died in the year 2193. The new governor was elected throw birth Rite since there were no laws established for running "elections or voting". The old governor’s son led the colony unto a vile dictatorship leaving the inhabitants to fend for themselves for years to come. In late 2193 the vile-governor cut ¾ funding to on/off world mining operations to fund a "personal military". The miners in result to low funding were forced to "craft and maintain" their own tools and equipment. Over the next few years the miners became very skilled "craftsman" and capable mechanics, managing to create Pickaxes and magnet charges to mine for metals on planet and modify shuttles for "off-planet-asteroid-mining". In 2205 it was clear to the miners that the population of the planet was dwindling rapidly due to "food shortages" and increased taxes so the miners have had enough and so a rebellion was formed. In 2206 the "guerrilla forces" managed to claim several military "refineries’s" tasked with manufacturing various metals into "armour plating" used on military vehicles. At this point the guerrilla forces realized the full uses of the refineries and so miners began crafting "man-sized shields" and "wrist braces" fitted with titanium-alloyed–bayonets. From there on the Military forces named them the “Titanium Talons”. In 2208 the talons began raids against the 1st out of 5 of the planets heavily fortified "forts" showing their effectiveness as "shock troopers" charging into battle head first with shields to the front "pierceing" the armour of any soldier that got in his way, this "tactic" has Managed talon forces to take over 15 out of 120 of the military facility’s on the planet. Fitted with "titanium armour" which out matched the "standard-grade armour" used by the military forces, giving talon forces a "defense" that could withstand 2-direct-rocket-shots. In 2210 the talons secured "50" military facilities at this time the military forces organized brutal "military raids" against the 3 "forts" under talon control. The talons counteracted these raids with an effective "turtle strategy", giving the talons reputation for defensive supiriorty . By 2211 the talons had conquered "all 5 forts" and driving the governor to his fleet just waiting outside the edge of the solar system the planet was "free". But the governor had one last gambit; he mobilized his entire fleet of 6 frigates 4 cruisers and 1 "dreadnought" to retake the planet. The colonists began preparing for the fleets arrival. There was so thew military spacecraft left from the fight that they had to "modify" mining shuttles with old "artillery" batteries and "railguns". A thew hours later and one of the colonists found what’s left of an old decommissioned "mining titain" capable of blasting threw asteroids without a scratch, and with a thew hours of work the titian was back up and running, unfortunately they didn’t have enough time to rig the titian with weapons, so the colonist devised a new but risky plan. When the governors’ fleet arrived to the planet the titain was waiting. A soon as the titian had visual at the fleet it headed full throttle into the already firing governors fleet. A soon as the titian was close enough a swarm of both military and mining ships flow from behind the titian catching the governors fleet by surprise. Before he knew it there was a "volley" of both artillery, railgun, and missile fire. ½ of the governors fleet was wiped out in a matter of minutes. But The governors dreadnought was fitted with "kinetic plating" making it near impossible for the shuttles to take him out. So The "captain" of the titian ordered a head on charge at the dreadnought. The titian smashed into the dreadnought ripping both ships apart the fight was over the talons had won. and in 2215 the colony is flourishing again, trade routes have been established to neighbouring systems, and the new governor has made the titanium talons a "planetary-defence-force. In a newly established museum are the remains of the mining titian that lead the "defence" of the planet. Symbolising the "iron defence" of the people.

    << Technology>>
    Kinetics, Explosives, mining, Thick-medium-weight-infantry/vehical-armour, 5ft Tall by 3 Wide titanium/iridium alloyed infintry shield, anti tank Beams, Special armour-piercing rounds, fortified defences, asteroid colonization, various modification to both infantry and navel forces, extra armour plating to flagships , Magnet mines/bombs (for ripping plating from vehicals and ships alike), special anti-magnetic coating, highley-concentrated-acid-shells, Nano-repair.

    <<Play styles>>
    turtle: Talon infantry are troops epuiped with armour equal to plating used on common militery vehicals, they also carrie a wrist mounted spear tougth enougth to pierce thick armour. Talon Squads mostly consist of 4 four shields and 2 Grenadiers, shields form a hexagonel shape around the grenadiers covering them from enemy fire while they slowly decimate enemy forces from a small fortified position. talon shields are also used as shock troopers. using there big shields to storm enemy fortifications and to get close enougth to use there wrist-mounted-spears to pierce threw thick armour. talon fleets consists of 4 frigates along with 30 fighters and 24 anti-ship bombers. talon fleets also always have 1 flagship guiding the fleet.The flagships are mainly heaveily armoured battleships or dreadnoughts. when talon fleets are engaged in combat they gather into a "line formation" flagship and fighters to the front fighters defending the flagship from enemy fighters while the flagship takes most of the punishmeant from enemy vessels for frigates to strike from behind and bombers soften up enemy vessels with magnet bombs. and after battle talon salvage crews are sent to salvage both friendly a enemy materials from the battlefield. only few fleets are guidid by a titain-class vessel. these fleets are known as "Fortress fleets" as they do not require fighter/bomber escort as the titain carries a wide arsenel off weapons

    <<Weapons rundown>>
    Titanium/iridium alloyed shield: The talon standard issue shield was the first custom design created by the miners during the rebellion. its titanium/iridium alloy make it extremly resistent to thermal weaponry as well as bullets.

    Wrist-mounted-titanium-alloyed-spear: The wrist mounted Spear is the signature weapon of the talons. used along with a shield the talon can become a master at close-quarters-combat. the spear is strong enougth to pierce threw vehical armour to expose a weak point to plant a charge.

    Highly-concentrated-Anti-armour-laser: this more potent version of the mining laser was modified to a rifle sized weapon, designed to melt through vehical armour and overheat engines to combust, resulting in the destruction of the vehical and all inside.

    Long-range-artillery-cannons: artillery cannons are mainly used on frigates for long range fire support. cannons may also be loaded with shells containing highly-concentrated acid strong enougth to cause hull breaching extended to 1 ship deck causeing mass collateral damage.

    High-velocity-railgun: after the rebellion, the talons did extensive weapon modification to kinetic weapons such as the railgun. the modification performed on these weapons was mostly to do with "magnetic-acceleration-technology" since the talons were former miners using magnet technology to harvest metals from the mines. these modifications gave the railguns a significantly higher velocity, giving railguns more range plus penetrating power.

    Magnet charges/bombs/mines: although the talons do use standard explosive ordnance mines and charges, there occasionel methods for trap and sabotage are accompanyed with magnetic technology, these weapons use 3 types of magnetic manipulation, these are "Pull,Push and convergence", these effects do not affect talon forces as all armour is coated with a material that reduces magnetic affects by 93%. all magnetic weaponry is used against both vehicals and spacecraft. to take care of vehicals, talons use both land mines and charges. on land mines are the push/pull manipulations, the push manipulation is used as a non-lethal way of dealing with approaching vehicals so that the occupeants may not venture into talon territory, the pull manipulation locksdown vehicals and slowly crushis it, the occupeants cannot exit threw the canopy as the manipulations force keeps occupants from opening it, charges uses convergence manipulation, a talon trooper will try and get close enougth to plant the charge, once the charge it is set for 30 seconds, when activated it triggers a magnetic annomily that converges metalic objects into the central mass of the charge, in result the vehical gets crushed on whatever side the charge was placed. magnetic space mines use all 3 manipulations for a tactical advantage over the battlefield. push and pull effects are used to unbalance enemy vessels making them lose aim and possible crashing into each other, with the convergence manipulation a mine will attach itself to enemy ships, activateing automaticaly and converging metalic materials, crushing the ship and causeing massive collaterel damage, the mine in result is also destroyed due to the amount of metal converged upon it. magnet bombs work diffrently from these weapons.when they impact a solid object they explode, sending out a short range convergence field that expands to ruthly 50 meters.

    Lt.Brandon: Your backstory is wonderful, but your formatting and grammar could use some work. As well it would be nice if you could expand the Technology and Play Style sections.

    ok. i am done, this is all the information i have on this faction, so if anyone has any questions send me a message or ask me while im on the Gmod diaspora battle server.
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    Faction Name: Exiled Assailants


    The Terrans are a humanoid race who's home planet is called Moin. In XXXX the terrans discovered a artefact that was believed to have been Billions of years old, older than Moin. After 300 years of tampering with the artefact, finally a scientist managed to crack the code for the artefact and retrieved the data within. The data contained foreign characters but had design drawing for what looked like a ship. After Years of decrypting the terrans mananged to read the characters, it was a design plan for a ship that was called "X1". The terrans went on to building the ship and finally finished two years later. this ship was sent to a planet that had been listed on the artefact. The ship discovered an abandoned city that contained many of these artefacts. The Terrans decrypted these artefacts and found out how to operate the abandoned city and magically before them was a city covering the whole extents of the planet which was later named "Haven". Terrans populated the city and explored it. Scientists discovered a mainframe which contained millions of blue prints for ships, life support, buildings, weapons and farming. Three years after this the terrans finished constructing military exploration fleets and colonised several star systems. In XXXX the 105th Heavy Fleet was constructed, this fleet contained the heaviest ships known.

    The Exiled Assailants was formed by an ex Terran Commander Makarov Donasiac who was Exiled from the 105th Heavy Fleet after being framed by a corrupt General. Makarov had Several of his Ships follow him after being exiled from the heavy fleet. Before Makarov was Exiled he was battling a new threat, the Fuja a robotic race. Makarov was an intelligent man and had been a very successful tactician and never lost a battle. After a year of being chased by the terrans he and his ships used an ancient Spaceway that had been broken for many years. This lead him to a Galaxy full of resources and a primitive human race who lived on the planet "Earth". He Set base on the moon orbiting "Earth" and recruited Earthlings into his army. That was a 1000 years ago now the Exiled Assailants control 7 Star Systems and have struck back on the Fuja.

    -Heavy Artillery
    -Chemical powered Projectile weapons
    -Rail Guns
    -Ion Beams
    -Access to Ancient Alien databases with many blue prints for there mass destruction weapons
    -Plasma Accelerated engines
    -Fusion generators
    -Shield Battery packs
    -Neutronium plated armor charged with plasma

    Play style: The Exiled Assailants are a agressive people who lash out at anyone who dears threaten them usually with devastating consequences but, they are also wise on who they attack. When the assailants attack they use brutal force, they have there most powerful capital ships lead in followed by the smaller ships. The Assailants capital ships are tanks, the capital ships can range from any where from Super Battleships to Class 1 Titans. When Assailants capture planets they like to bomb main city's before doing so.

    Lt.Brandon: Your story could use work, but you get cookies for following the format perfectly.
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    Lλmbdλ's Nation

    When I first looked into the shaft, I swear I felt the stones in my stomach shift in recognition.

    Is this what Paul saw through his windscreen? Not Lot’s wife, looking over her shoulder, but a scar in the hillside, falling away to black, forever.

    What charnel house lies at the foot of this abyss? How many dead shepherds could fill this hole?

    Book of Lambda, Address #217617

    Thirty-five years after the myriad factions and alliances of Diaspora had settled into a uneasy balance of stalemates and ceasefires, a new power threatened to tip the scales. Ships travelling the Gooniverse system began to disappear without a trace, without distress calls or any signs of attack. Old scars reopened between the factions, tensions grew. The BA accused the Lunar of covert strikes, the Talons dispatched a titan to 'monitor' EA space and nearly caused a intersystem incident. Eventually a BA strike team reconning the Gooniverse suddenly received a transmission from an unknown source. The transmission appeared to be heavily encrypted, but after two weeks skilled analysers discovered it was just horribly spelled Galactic Basic. After translating the message and removing many horribly inappropriate swear words, the sender was identified as a wealthy private entrepreneur, Lλmbdλ, who had vanished from his Forlorn estate four months ago. The message follows.
    sup space **** r u enjoying ur space ships or should i say space ****s LOL n e way because i am smart than you i find out all ur ships have BIG problem: the materials u use building them all emit DEADLY RADIATION CONTRIBUTING TO THE HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE honestly how u even **** up this bad
    i am call this deadly radiation "lag" and i decide only way to fix is to KILL ALL UR **** SPACE SHIPS (**** LOL). but how u ask? i am only one incredibly handsome dude. simple! i build many drones. drones 2 KILL U. have nice day space **** ROFL

    Lλmbdλ had not lied. He now had an army of custom-built drones ranging from interceptors to cruiser-sized automated spaceships. Worse still, Lλmbdλ, being the only one stupid enough in the universe to even try, had harnessed Bass Power, a powerful, 100% efficient energy source created from Dubstep. His drones and bio-organic flagship, the Ulysses X, had a power advantage over the other factions of as much as 250%.

    Calling an emergency meeting, the other factions decided unanimously "Fuck this guy". A hastily-assembled fleet of starships from all sorts of races, the Phantom Fleet, was dispatched to Gooniverse to stop Lλmbdλ's Nation from spreading. Even with the number advantage, the Phantom Fleet was at a stalemate with the Nation, as no faction's armour or shield could stand up to the power of WUB WUB WUB. Thankfully, Lλmbdλ fucked himself over. Having had their demands for a Worker's Union ignored for two months, Lλmbdλ's drone fleet went on strike and vanished into Dark Space. Broadcasting swear words over every frequency and getting very drunk, Lλmbdλ and the few drones he could manually control tried (futilely) to hold back the wrath of the entire galaxy, culminating in the Ulysses X attempting to ram a Talon Titan while still broadcasting Lλmbdλ's drunken sobs. A sharpshooting gunner took aim at Lλmbdλ's flagship and blew the bridge right off with a 2400mm shell in a explosion of dubstep, empty beer bottles, and fail. With Lλmbdλ's Nation entirely fucked over, the other factions celebrated by looting all the cool shit then getting quickly back to killing each other.

    But some spacefarers still claim that Lλmbdλ, too dumb to know when he's dead, survived, and is waiting, still very drunk and working on hidden alliances and a more subservient drone army, in his mad bid to rid the universe of all 'lag'.

    Dubstep Drive, Helium/Argon Fusion Reactor, Wobble Jump Drive, Cloaking, Drones
    Interestingly, LsN ships have no shielding whatsoever. They rely instead on the regenerative properties of their bio-engineered armour, though some are fitted with a spherical short-term external energy barrier.

    Autocannons (EMP Rounds), EMP Missiles, Capital-Scale Plasma Beams, Electronic Warfare (Targetting/Weapons Disruption), Bass Bomb, Ship/Personnel Scale Holoprojectors

    Play Style:
    Unpredictably via stupidity.
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    Spectral Directorate


    Unmarked vessels have been seen coming and going towards a barren system for several months now. Previous attempts at settlement were abandoned due to little economic value and poor sustainability. Outside the territory of any known factions or DMZs, it was originally rumored to be a new dumping area for orbital debris and refuse. Several factions dispatched scouts to bring back information about where the ships were going and what they were doing. After months of reconnaissance, the destination of the unmarked ships was finally revealed.

    This planet, labeled BM-464, is located 25000 kilometers outside the habitable zone for its sun. It was measured to have a revolution of 4.2 earth hours. Models show the planetary core experiencing constant tidal forces, as evidenced by volcanic activity on the surface. The equator of the planet is occluded by a weather front of volcanic ash thought to be caused by by the rapid movement of heat from the abnormal revolution. All scans of the planet revealed nothing, though penetration through the ash cloud was impossible due to interference. Not willing to risk ships descending through the dangerous atmosphere, the investigating factions focused their attention on more tangible problems.


    A skirmish was detected around BM-464, several factions dispatched scouts to investigate. What they discovered were the wrecks of several unmarked ships, with hull damage inconsistent with any known weapons fire. Knowing that whatever was on BM-464 was involved, efforts to reach the surface were reconsidered. Before that could happen, however, ships orbiting the planet received a message from the surface.

    "You have encroached Spectral Directorate borders, leave this sector immediately. Our next transmission will be sent in the form of deadly force."

    The signal was identified as coming from the upper latitudes, likely a relay station for a complex concealed behind the volcanic storm. Several factions established a joint operation to bombard the planet and eliminate the directorate before they became a danger. No sooner had the bombardment began when ships throughout the fleet experienced malfunctions throughout all major systems. The skies came to life as weapons fire erupted from both flanks, as previously unseen ships made their presence clear. Before the fleet could reposition for a counterattack, the unknown enemy was already closing the distance. By the time the fleet returned fire, the ships were already retreating toward the planet, having deployed several devices in close proximity to the fleet. Evasion orders were immediately given, however the devices were already accelerating towards their nearest ship.

    The ensuing explosions caused a chain reaction between any ships in close proximity to the blast. In total, 6 were destroyed, 4 were in critical condition, and 163 lives were lost. Without knowing the level of technology the Spectral Directorate posessed, any further efforts to enter direct conflict was terminated.
    Loading Article: "The Spookiest Faction In the Galaxy"; Author: Burton Flossmoor
    Very little hard information is availible on the Directorate, and a good 83% of the galatic population (see YC 2246 Awareness Survey) are unaware they even exist. The S.D hire operatives and scientists from all races and factions, but the core founders and members are as invisible as the name implies. Some even believed that the Directorate was simply a false-flag cover-up for black operations committed by other factions, until 2245 when a S.D Escort Corvette [DATA CORRUPTED], leaving the goverment in that system utterly decapitated.

    The four main theories of the Directorate's identity are as follows:

    1: Descendants of the Jovians and/or their human contacts. (see Pre-Diasporean History IV, YC 2240)
    2: Renegades from the B.A (Proven to be false in 2244, when evidence of S.D activity was discovered before first contact with the Advocates)
    3: Disillusioned high-ranking operatives and scientists from various factions
    4: Most worrying, evidence has recently appeared to suggest that the S.D [DATA CORRUPTED] [MISSING CHUNK PLEASE ERROR-CHECK STORAGE HOLODISK]

    It is believed the S.D are relatively few in number compared to other factions, but their secrecy and behind-the-scenes maneuvering makes them impossible to root out. The Directorate have clones and personality backups seeded all across the galaxy, and countless sleeper agents positioned in the command structures of (at last estimate) 95% of factions. Information suggests that the S.D use dedicated artifical intelligences to monitor all communications, and it is estimated that the S.D has the highest amount of volatile information in the galaxy.

    The ideals of the Directorate are, according to anonymous representives, to simply ensure the balance of galactic power. The S.D do not follow convential morality, believing it to be "subjective", but they do avoid unnecessary loss of life during operations. Given the secretive natue of the S.D, whether they were truthful or not remains to be seen. Leading spokepeople from other factions, however, have accused the Directorate of possessing ulterior motives, and indeed it seems some arms of the organization are not above hire for money by factions they deem acceptable.

    As mentioned, the S.D have little in the way of proper manpower, but they make up for this with their vast numbers of scientists and researchers. The S.D possess a level of technology rated 78% on the Tako Scale above the current Galactic standard. All Directorate tech is seeded with self-destruction nanites in case of capture, but combat scans of S.D vessels show them making use of cutting-edge experimental or modified technology such as biological rapid-healing armor, MegaPulse Lasers modified to utilize the full electromagnetic spectrum, plasma shielding, and projectile weaponry loaded with an unknown EMP-generating type of ammunition.

    Judging from records of battles proven to involve the S.D, the Directorate choose stealth, sabotage, and guerilla warfare over outright combat. The Directorate prefer not to engage in full-scale fleet warfare, as such, the command structure is less militarized than other factions. Admirals and Commodores do exist in S.D rankings, but standard procedure for accomplishing objectives is to assign them to an operating cell of the faction, who in turn decide on a operative and a vessel for the task. The operative then has free reign in conducting the operation, ensuring a minimal dependancy on the command structure. It also ensures, when accompanied with the standard-issue Emergency S.D Memory Flasher Implant, that should the mission be compromised the operative cannot be traced back to S.D.

    The Directorate have been called 'a credible threat to Galactic security' by Prof. Galo Sengen ('Factions of Diaspora', YC 2245), and they have indeed shown a remarkable cunning in their operations. Aside from the aforementioned Odoxie incident, the S.D have successful triumphed in battles and skirmishes against many factions that obstructed their goals, even including one engagement with the Berea[DATA EXPUNGED WE ARE NOT DEFEATED]
    Loading Archive #74309876 Clearance Level 6 Authorization Code XK421
    Log 001: Delivery of the device from [CLEARANCE REQUIRED] occured this afternoon, and research has already begun. The device is of advanced origin, and we were told nothing by the previous handlers, but all signs point to S.D technology. Physically it resembles a cone shape with several appendages at seemingly random positions. The appendages are entirely metal and covered with flanges, while the base is made of some sort of composite material. All interfacing appears to be done from the top of the device where a piece of the cone has been removed.

    Log 041: Preliminary findings indicate that the weapon's main function is mass disruption of electronics within an abnormally large radius. There is no evidence to suggest that the internal components provide adequate protection from the blast. It is hypothesized that such technology exists onboard the ship itself.

    Log 078: Efforts to power the device have met with little success. Device appears to require multiple elements to function properly. Interfacing with an isolated sensor array met with promising results, but proceeded to permanently damage the sensor array after reaching approximately 21% power saturation.

    Log 143: After attempting to interface with our sixth iteration sensor array, the device was able to overcome our countermeasures and break isolation. Despite the remote location of the facility, there was still substantial damage to the metropolitan power grids in all surrounding areas. All experimentation with this technology is officially halted.

    • Hull Seeking Explosive Devices[HSED]
    • Electromagnetic Core Modification Disruptors[ECMD]
    • Modulated Focus of Static Discharge[MFSD]
    • Experimental Mass Driven Propulsion[EMDP]
    • Spectrum Modulation of Weapon Discharge[SMWD]
    Hit and run tactics, along with high maneuverability ensure that Spectral ships will hold an advantage when initiating a fight. Various sabotage techniques are used to ensure a kill, or to safely withdraw from combat.

    Lt.Brandon: I like your tactics and devices.
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    Faction Name:

    GoD - Guardians of darkness


    In xxxx-ad a small colony was founded on the planet "Eureka". The colony, founded by several large trans-solar corporations quickly grew in size and wealth and was thought to be the brightest and quickest rising star in in the Terran stellar empire. But then they vanished. Without a trace the colony and its entire population disappeared into the unknown. scientists from all over the Terran stellar empire visited the former location of Eureka, the only thing they could certainly say was that it was gone, completely.

    Unbeknownst of their own race the whole planet, and its population, had been pushed into a pocket universe. After overcoming the initial wave of surprise and confusion the people set out to find out where, and why, they were there. Probes were readied and fired out, only to break contact after travelling for five hours. Large telescopes were pointed at the pitch-black skies in hope for a reliable answer; all they saw was a writhing black cloud that seemed to encapsulate the planet. However one thing they had noticed was how this "Dark dimension" seemed to slowly drain their energy reserves. A possible cause for the probe dropouts. Extensive research on this matter conducted by every scientist on the planet concluded that the dimension would, very slowly , reduce the efficiency of everything using electricity for power. This startled the whole planet into action. Methods of production and storage formerly rejected was picked out of the failing computer terminals and researched before moving on.

    In the end they found what they needed, by using a previously untouched branch of fusion technology they managed to produce, and store, electricity in large amounts. The only problem was that it used a very rare metal, only found on a single spot on the entire planet, and even there in very small amounts, to function. War broke out as the whole planet split into several large factions all craving for the same thing. Weapons technology surged ahead, to be specific, projectile weapon technology. As the metal used to produce and store so called "safe energy" was so rare the factions were forced to produce weapons relying on chemical reactions or very small amounts of energy rather then the energy weapons used before the event. In the end there could only be one winner, the strongest survive will survive, all others perish.

    Precisely fifty years after Eureka’s sudden disappearance the planet reappeared into the universe where it had once belonged. Only that the planet had radically changed. With the limitations placed on them by the "broken" laws of physics the factions had to explore obscure ways in making their weapons work. The winning faction called themselves the "Bringers of light", referring to that they would win the conflict bringing light to the people, which they did. During the "Dark wars" the Bringers of light had favored using tactics that ensured stealth and long ranges.

    Now as the surviving battle-scared population of Eureka looked up at the once again star-filled skies they could do anything else but to wish for more. Being stuck in a fifty year war on the same planet is a powerful motivator. To their satisfaction the machinery built to work in the "Dark dimension" still worked in the normal universe, as a side effect it also produce the dark matter found surrounding the planet. The matter is extremely volatile in the normal universe, scientists are yet to find out why. The light bringers have rebranded this new stellar empire as the "Guardians of darkness" and are now preparing their weapons for the coming war...


    The Guardians of darkness prefers to use ranged, high power weapons against its foes. Although they do use some close combat weapons.

    The most favored weapons are...
    -Chemical missiles containing dark matter.
    -Chemical missiles containing small fusion reaction chamber, locks on to the specific radiation that working (Producing Supp. Energy.) ship-cores produce.
    -Super-high caliber stub barrel cannons firing high explosive rounds that explode on penetration of enemy craft.
    -Very accurate low caliber long barrel cannons for long range warfare.
    -High power weapons of mass destruction using the dark matter, powerful enough to cleave moons.
    -Subjecting enemy ships to the physical laws of the dark dimension, slowly draining their energy and degrading their energy-using systems.
    -Channeling left-over heat from power production and channeling it into long "blades" extending from their ships, contact with the blade will melt armor.
    -Channeling left-over radiation into high pressure storage containers and peppering enemy ships with it.
    -Mines that cloak once released and uses a primitive FoF (Friend or Foe) system.
    -50 year old energy weapon designs from before the event, mostly for point defense.
    ...But then of course there are many more...

    For general utility the Guardians of darkness use things many would consider very primitive.

    They include...
    -Chemical rocket thrusters to generate forward thrust.
    -Dark matter fusion reactors. a specially built fusion reactor. Produces large amounts of heat and radiation as well as smaller amounts of Dark matter.
    -Dark matter shields that using dark matter "cloak" the ship from sensors and confuse missile targeting.
    -Primitive sensor arrays that detects the radiation produced by ship cores.
    -Several different kinds of sensor-absorbing materials.
    -Advanced reactive armor plates that protect from penetrating shell hits and missiles.
    -Boarding pods that latch on to enemy ships and deposit soldiers inside.
    -Lightweight but still "heavy" infantry armor for close quarters combat during boarding actions.
    -Thermal dispersion fins, as heat is so hard to get rid of in space all Guardian ships have thermal dispersion find that help ease off the large amounts of heat produced by the fusion reactors, they can potentially be used to lock on and are usually retracted when in battle.

    Play style:

    The Guardians favor long range and/or stealth combat. Their ships may not be the biggest but they are sleek, armed with heavy weapons and coated in materials that can make the ships hard to spot with sensors. The ships are not armed with heavy plating though and usually their only line of defense is the reactive armor that covers vital parts of the ship such as the command bridge and engine room. Typically the Guardians use smaller ships ranging from Interceptors to heavy frigates, but bigger ships are used as well, though only as mobile battle stations carrying the heaviest guns available.

    Their ships will usualy have little or nothing in the way of artificial gravity and usualy rely on slowly rotating ships to aquire aworking gravity well. This also allows weapons from all over the ship to fire at a single target once every rotation.

    Their usual battle tactic is first seeding the space where the battle will take place with cloaked mines. After that they set out a bait, such as an unguarded destroyer or a captured ship to lure the enemy into the field. As the foes enter the field ships start pecking away from every direction until the enemy shields are down. Then marines board boarding pods and board the enemy ship. Once in the ship the marines will seek out the enemy command center and kill the crew. If possible they will take control of the ship so that it can be used as bait in a later ambush.

    If this cannot be done the Guardians will initiate a long-range battle. Using the sensor blinding Dark energy shields they can fire at the enemy ships with their super-heavy cannons without much risk of being shot back.

    If it has to be close-combat the Guardian ships will deploy blades that they heat up using reactor left-over heat, they will then try to ram these blades into the enemy ships. They will use medium and heavy caliber cannons as well to cripple an enemy ship before it is rammed and destroyed.

    If a Guardian ship is to be boarded and have no chance of fighting off the marines it will self-destruct to prevent the enemy from gaining use of the Dark matter fusion reactors. This is done by cutting of the coolant to the fusion reactors and withdrawing all thermal dispersion panels. This will result in a lethal buildup of heat that if left unchecked for a short while will make the ships fusion generators implode.

    Thank you for reading, i'm going to correct gramatical errors as i find them, do not pick on that yet please ;)
    Still adding Technology and Play style info, it is still "Work in progress" but feel free to tell me what you think!
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    Accolade Unablariate
    volume I

    The sun shone brightly that morning, leaves whispered and branches bowed in the early wind. Water calmly lapped at the stone steps of a well trimmed yard, and wet the sandy colored rocks to glisten in the golden light. Haer'yan stood from her bed to stretch, and as her eyes fell upon the horizon, the blood drained from her face. Upon the northern plains billowed a black cloud and fireball so enormous that the earth started to shake. Pots, shelves, food capsules began falling, windows shattering, birds crying. A fierce, searing wind began to shred through the house and yard, tearing the metal paneling and cabling from the surface of the building and blowing it away as dust from a book cover. Suddenly, blinding light swallowed up the land, and silence crashed upon the planet like an immeasurable force of suppression and power.
    The Unablariate fleet stood by in horror as it witnessed an asteroid the size of a continent impact and glance, shattering along the face of the beautiful arid homeworld, Coriae; leaving in its path a cruel, glowing gash sliced through the skin of the planet. A sooty black cloud quickly began to envelop the sky, and sealed away the living glow of the atmosphere and oceans within.

    One thousand years later, growing as a species more unified and advanced than ever imagined through the hardships of their planetary crippling and newfound invaders, the Accolade Unablariates seek peace with these brigands through superior firepower and an impressive defensive grid. Rare minerals harvested from the rings formed after the asteroid impact are giving way to a golden age of incredibly efficient and advanced technology, allowing the Accolades to rely on a fairly small and compact fleet able to perform deep strike and reconnaissance missions, while an orbital defense grid of impeccable ability and skill is able to affect the enemy from enormous distances.

    The technology and construction of the Accolade Unablariate is dark, sleek, and low-profile in appearance.
    In a world where little is left for easy access and salvage, minimalism and clean efficiency are key.

    Most defense systems utilize:
    > Hyper accelerated nitrogen ions and magnetic fields for high-intensity shielding.
    > Hyper accelerated iron-carbide plasma rounds.
    > High-energy nitrogen lasers, a spectacular and powerful signature weapon.
    > Long range ballistic electromagnetic pulse weapons used to cripple enemy systems.
    > Tungsten induction-heated matter accelerator projectiles.
    > Highly intelligent artificial combat intelligences aiding in vessel-board operations.
    > Variable density ion propulsion systems.
    > High-frequency mass energy generators enabling superluminal travel.
    > Basic life on Coriae was difficult for centuries following the impact, which lead to sophisticated life support systems.

    Although the armored hulls of the fleet are relatively thin and weak compared to those of other spacefaring civilizations, the Nitromagnetic shielding technology of the Accolades is unsurpassed in repulsion and efficiency. The specialized shielding and weapons all emit blue light in the visible spectrum, giving them a very identifiable and strangely beautiful aura on the battlefield.

    Play Style
    Fast, organized forward observation and espionage conducted by small fleet sections is key to the functionality of the orbital matter accelerator grid as well as advancing on covertly developed and acquired technologies. A section is normally comprised of several light frigates, heavy defense cruisers and a section flagship housing an array of fighter drones and defense systems.
    The AU is focused solely on protecting itself responsively and preemptively.

    War is not in their doctrine; survival is.

    Faction developed by:
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    Name: In Daemonium Penitus Nobis (Literal translation is The Demon Inside Us, Daemonium or Daemon for short)

    Backstory: The people of Daemonium evolved on a planet thousands of years ago as the race "The Ailerons", and after they finally figured out cold fusion, they looked to the stars and decided that their time on their planet had come to an end. They built Ships, absolutely massive Starships with cryogenic storage for extremely long term transport. After around 500 years of powering through space, they made it out of their galaxy and into a new galaxy, named "Milky way" by it's most dominant inhabitant, the Human (Which coincidentally, the Humans and Ailerons looked very similar) and almost immediately realised that the Humans were not good company, so they went to war, a long and bloody war ending with a peace treaty between the 2 peoples. The Humans and Ailerons went their separate ways, the Ailerons getting one half of the galaxy while the Humans got the other half. Eventually the Ailerons emerged from countless centuries of research and study, and not being disturbed for so long allowed their technology to advance beyond the Human's technology. The Ailerons could have wiped the humans out outright, but they instead decided to form a coalition with eachother and became the best allies the universe had seen. They still have their disagreements, but ever since the alliance they have remained quite fond of eachother. Of course, factions of the Ailerons broke off. One of these factions was the In Daemonium Penitus Nobis, a very volatile faction of the Aileron people.

    Technology: The Daemons have extremely advanced technology, and their warships usually rely on heavy shielding to protect their starships. Their weapons are mainly thermal and electromagnetic based, ranging from super destructive, super heated, super hardened balls of pure plasma energy that can devastate a continent in their more powerful from, to incredibly precise beams of pure energy than can slice planets in half. Their larger ships are usually quite slow, but their smaller ships like their frigates and fighters have pretty moderate speed.

    Play style: The Daemons are a warrior race, and therefor will go out of their way to battle a threat, to the death if necessary, and do whatever they can to achieve victory. If you see a Daemon in space, then keep well clear of their plasma cannons, as if your defenses cannot stand their weapons you will be destroyed swiftly and without remorse or second thought.
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    Mortuus Oculus


    The "Dead Eye Split" as known within the Bereavement Advocates ranks, was a period of misguided domination versus sadistic intents. While some individuals simply wanted to exterminate those encountered, others wanted to use them for personal gain. The "Dead Eye Split" is the result of this disagreement, a Commander within splitting off completely, taking advanced laser and construction technologies for personal gain under the faction name Mortuus Oculus. A new ship was built around the core of this laser technology, giving a medium sized cruiser the firepower of a standard armada. Offset by a massive charge time and the ship's own inability to efficiently charge the weapon within a reasonable amount of time, the Dead Eye's uses their acquired technologies to build an asteroid base as well, housing advanced ram scoops and energy generation devices used in the cores of Bereavement Advocates' systems. Further progression lead to advanced missile weaponry, to compensate for their painfully slow rates of laser fire. While all power must be diverted to the primary laser of the capital ship, cutting cloak and limited shields, missiles can be fired from a cloaked state.

    Declaring itself the enemy of the Bereavement Advocates, the Mortuus Oculus used whatever reserves of technology it had to invent incredible stealth fields, and went entirely into hiding, leaving only a select few to know of their asteroid headquarters, and even fewer the whereabouts of their flagship - the Tempestas Addo, or Storm Bringer, at any given time.

    Resorting to petty banditry, only the most adept of pilots and leaders could ever hope to have an encounter with the Mortuus Oculus and live. Only the most wretched and cruel could dream to be contacted by them, and recieve and invitation to their ranks. The Mortuus Oculus can be classified as a "radical, technologically superior bandit faction, a deadly step above traditional bandit stereotypes."


    Advanced Bereavement Advocates prototypes in steath and laser technology. Focus on unimaginable laser firepower at the cost of incredibly limited charge ratings. Mining and missile production technologies for survival in isolation. Advanced ramscoops, allowing for greater and more steady resource income. Stealth technology, considered undetectable so far. Efficient with energy use, commendable with cloaking times. Gravity Harpoons, for banditry tactics of capturing ships. Astonishing armor ratings, at the cost of shields, which are very limited, the Mortuus Oculus has unusually impressive armor on their ships and station.

    Play Styles

    General and Specific Banditry:

    General - any in space is a target for capture, or, in the event of "known levels of danger" a target for destruction. Missiles will often times be used, maintaining the ships cloak, if attack must be used. Contact of warning may or may not be issued, pilots are aware of the Mortuus Oculus' presence in space, and enter at their own risk. Usually though, mining operations will take precendence unless bounties are known or operations are interrupted.

    Specific - active hunting of ships in space. If drivin to this level, either from continued attacks against the faction, or interruptions in smuggling/mining operations, the Mortuus Oculus will switch to a defensive agressive style. The lasers on the station and protobeam on the flagship will be openly employed. Decloaking will be forced prior to fire as all power is shifted. Ships will be marked for destruction, not for capture. Prisoners will not be considered.

    Other Notes - the Mortuus Oculus is the enemy of Bereavement Advocates. Any ships known allied to this faction are targets, regardless of present neutrality or passivism towards other factions. The Bereavement Advocates are seen as the cause for succession, and will be engaged on sight, no matter what. General Banditry combat procedures are applicable, only in dire circumstances will decloaking be risked.

    Perhaps one of the simplist of factions, it is also one of the most technologically advanced. Lacking the proper crews to man their growing fleet, the Mortuus Oculus utilize upgraded Bereavement Advocates AI protocols and systems, most of their premier tacticions machines, designated using the Greek Alphabetical System. The most advanced of these droids is "Omega-Epsilon 9" or "End of Earth" as it can be defined as. This designation pertains to the Mortuus Oculus' mindset of "destroy the planet, mine the remains," a radical concept of efficiency by removing the intelligent obstacles to resource gathering.

    The Mortuus Oculus consists of advanced laser weaponry, grappling technology, advanced cloaking systems, advanced ramscoops, super energy generation systems, mass produced heavy missiles, and finally, the protobeam, used on the flagship Tempestas Addo.

    ...challange accepted.jpg -Lt.Brandon
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    EDIT: Topic closed, all faction info is final. I will be going through all entries now and removing those that didn't make the selection poll.
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