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New Minecraft IP - DDoS Attack Response

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Greetings, players. Those of you who track the Garrysmod part of the forum may have read that our community has been under DDoS attacks for about the past week. Originally, it was only targeted at the GMod servers and the forums, but the Minecraft servers have gotten involved as well. Because the Minecraft server runs on domestic internet, the attack was a bit more damaging, but a bit more easily responded to.

For now, until the attacks die down due to whatever reason, the Minecraft servers will be operating on a private IP. In other words, I will not be posting the new IP on the forums for the safety of my own internet, but they will still be running. Those who have me on Steam can ask for the IP, but for now it will not be made public. Note, I have disabled the old URL as well, so that will not work for the time being.

Long Story Short
Diaspora Minecraft is still a thing, but you will need to ask me or any other staff for the IP!
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