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Change Log for March 25 - March 31

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  • [FEATURE] - Added in Mass Relay models. This will be used for a possible future addon regarding ship-transportation. Can be acquired here, if you don't feel like waiting to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?uabajn17yo7w9kv
  • [FEATURE] - Added the Personal Ore Receiver, and Personal Miner. Essentially, the PM is a Mining Laser SWEP. It gathers about 100 less resources than the Small Mining Laser, but you can carry it with you.
    Simply right-click the Receiver to link it, then start mining. It will send the resources to the Receiver.
    Receivers can support up to four PM's at once, useful for Crystals found in caves, where your ship won't fit.
    They can be used up to a distance of around 2000 units.
  • [FIX] - When in God Mode, you no longer suffocate or lose resources in space.
  • [UPDATE] - Reduced the amount of resources that the Resource Caches could hold by about 100x. This was insanely overpowered, as a single cache should not give you 60mil Oxygen. Instead, increased Battery carry amount by 10x. If your ship requires more than 100mil energy storage at a time, it's probably too big.
  • [FEATURE] - Added Remote E2 Update addon. Allows you to call function to update E2's through code, rather than manually clicking on them each time a change is made.

EDIT: No, it was correct the first time. I know my dates. - Ama
EDIT: Sunday -> Saturday, man. -Steeveeo
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  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    • [UPDATE] - Altered the Gyropod. When parented, it only effects the parent prop in physics manipulation, instead of all of them. Will help greatly when flying ships around. Along with that, it compiles the ship ent list only once a second now, versus the previous 66 times a second. (Not sure who thought that was a good idea.)
    • [UPDATE] - Altered the resource usage in the Ship Cores. It uses around 60% less water, and returns a much more realistic amount of steam to make up for the loss. Also ceiling'd the values to not confuse the Resource Distribution system.
    • [UPDATE][FEATURE] - Added an output for Support Energy and Max Support Energy on the Ship Core entity. This is useful, as people probably want to know how much they've got, and I'm not sure why this wasn't added to begin with.
    • [UPDATE][FEATURE] - Added in a multiplier to determine how many resources the Ship Core will consume/supply from the normal speed. This variable in the core, called "Res-Gen Mult", can be anything between 0.00001-1, including any decimal between those numbers. At 1, it will consume and supply the normal amount of resources it always has.
    • [UPDATE][FEATURE] - Added an input to the Ship Cores that can enable or disable resource generation/consumption, called "Res-Enable." Set to 1, it generates resources, set to 0, it does not.
    • [FIX] - Fixed all LS E2 functions. They were broken due to compatibility issues with Environments, and no one bothered to fix them. Should all work perfectly now.
    • [FIX] - The Think function in the cores was a bit messed up, and spat out errors occasionally related to timers. Fixed it up.

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