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Change Log for Feb 26 - Mar 3

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  • [BALANCE][UPDATE][FEATURE] - Cores now act as a basic storage unit for Energy, Oxygen, Water, and a new resource, Support Energy.
  • [BALANCE][UPDATE][FEATURE] - Cores now make Support Energy from Energy, Water, and Capacitor
  • [BALANCE][UPDATE][FEATURE] - Fusion generators now make a small amount of Support Energy when they have heavy water
  • [BALANCE][UPDATE][FEATURE][PLAN] - Weapons will require Support Energy instead of Energy, some already do, this will be an ongoing process as there are a lot of things to update to this.

I wonder how many weapon spammers will hate me for this... giant balancing is go. Oh and all of this updates based on ship size(Using size made more sense than hp because, well it's storage.) and to a smaller extent mass.

Edit: In order to make use of this functionality, link your core to your LS3/RD3 node system. It will produce sup_energy automatically.
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