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Change Log for Feb 19 - Feb 25

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
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(Ok, so I lied last week, apparently)
  • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated to CraftBukkit 1.1-R4.
  • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Removed Baehr, the world was outdated 2 months ago and the deadline is up.
  • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Removed Talon, same reason.
  • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated MultiVerse to 2.3-AB.
  • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Added SandBox, a completely flat Creative mode world. This world has a completely separate inventory to any of the Survival worlds, and you can get there by using the command "/warp sandbox". All the normal rules apply in this world with the added request to PLEASE clean up after yourself when you're done with a project. Use DupeBox as much as you like to create and save out stuff from this world to paste into the main worlds.
  • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Added MultiVerse-Inventories v2.3b37.
  • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE][FEATURE] - Updated DupeBox to version 0.45. This makes pasting much, much, MUCH more efficient and quick. Also, much safer to paste large things, since the paster takes its time on larger pastes so as not to overload and crash the server.

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