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Change Log for Jan 29 - Feb 4

AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
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[MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated Essentials plugin to version 2.7.2, adds a LOT of new things in regards to MC 1.0/1.1.
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  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    [FEATURE] - Re-added the old Asgard to frigate weaponry as "Lite Asgard Beam Weapon"
    [FEATURE] - Added Light Pulser frigate weapon
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  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    • [MINECRAFT][TWEAK][FIX] - Restored missing custom block names to Essentials so market works once again
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Oh my, where do I begin? I forgot to keep up with this while Minecraft updated and all, so this might be missing some stuff and is most definitely not in chronological order.
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated Bukkit to 1.0.0.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Added a new world and made it the main, Myrrha. Baehr and Talon marked for deletion in February.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE][FIX} - Wrote a tiny plugin that blocks Enderman block pickup events, "EnderNerf."
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Wrote a plugin called "DupeBox" with the intent for people to save their constructions in Baehr and Talon and move them to the new world. Ask an admin or read the "/dupe" command instructions to learn how this works.
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated Bukkit to 1.1.
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated SpoutPlugin to v730.
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated MultiVerse to 2.2Dev
    • [MINECRAFT][UPGRADE] - (Single-use tag?) Added 8GB more RAM to the server, doubling it to 16GB. RAM is DDR3 1600 @ PC12800.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE][FIX] - Wrote a tiny plugin called "CreeperMod" that blocks Creeper terrain damage better than the one we had. Explosions still render and hurt entities just like a normal one, but block damage is removed. Also, this mod allows Creepers to drop all the different records when killed by a skeleton, rather than just Cat and 13.
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE][FIX] - Rewrote the AutoBackup system to be not only FASTER, but much safer as well.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Wrote the "EndlessCauldron" plugin, which allows filled cauldrons to not empty out when bottles are filled, making them actually USEFUL.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Removed NightSky, half the functionality is trumped by the 1.9 moon phases, and the other half is broken due to being massively out of date. Might re-add this later if I ever get around to rewriting it.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Removed ElixirMod, alchemy is now stock in Minecraft.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Added a seeeecrit plugin for the fun of it; will probably get removed as it has no purpose other than admin trolling.
    Will add things as I remember them.

    Also fixing the changelog thread title to be standardized. Amaroq: changelog weeks are Sunday to Saturday, not just postdate + 1 week! :P
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated Bukkit to CraftBukkit 1.1-R3.
  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated Essentials from 2.7.2 to 2.8.1. Mostly updates to MC 1.1, as well as compatibility fixes and changes.
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Rolled back the Essentials update, does not work properly.
    • [FORUM][MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Added in two new BBCodes for the Minecraft section: [minecraftskin] and [minecrafthead]. The former will display the specified user's Minecraft skin (need Minecraft name, not forum username), and the latter will only display the head of said skin. Furthermore, you can change the size of the rendered image with the '=' sign, like
  • AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
    • [MINECRAFT][UPDATE] - Updated Essentials again, fixed the config problems, works perfectly fine now.
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Wrote up "MoreRecipes," a plugin that adds a few recipes that I personally felt should already be in the game, or are just useful. See the writeup in the Minecraft section of the forums.
    • [MINECRAFT][FEATURE] - Removed PlayerSaddle. That's quite enough trolling for now.
  • LtBrandonLtBrandon Posts: 506Registered, Administrator
    • [FIX] - Fixed AD2 not pasting ls climate controls
    • [BALANCE] - Gave all core capacitor batteries 10x more storage, but made them take 10x more powergrid and some extra cpu in return.
    • [BALANCE] - Nerfed CONC energy enhancers and made them usable by players
    • [FEATURE] - Added Tech IV core mods for shield and armor slots.

    I feel like I'm forgetting something here...

    EDIT: (Amaroq) - Formatting for the changelog.
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