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Minecraft 1.1 Updates

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
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The server is now running Minecraft 1.1, as Bukkit finally updated.

Due to incompatibilities, I finally got off my ass and updated MultiVerse from the ancient version we had to the more recent 2.2Dev. I have removed Spout for the moment as well, since the version we had didn't run under 1.1.

List of updates so far (tentative):
  • MultiVerse 1.7 -> 2.2Dev
  • Spout Removed
  • World restored from backup after some...interesting corruption that removed all the smoothstone in some chunks.
  • Working on fixing the Backup system, as the file hooks changed in Bukkit and made it not save worlds at this time.
  • ^^^Finished the above, now runs MUCH better than the last version, completing in less than a minute, compared to about 2 minutes before. Also, does not pop up ConcurrentModificationExceptions anymore, WOOO.
  • SpoutPlugin re-added, Dev version works under 1.1.
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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Time for a rousing game of good news/bad news!

    First off, the good:
    I just ran our current map under the 1.2 snapshot, and it seems that Mojang have INDEED added in a generator version check, meaning that our current world will NOT have world shear at the edges, and all the biomes are intact!

    Now for the bad:
    This means no Jungle biomes, and no Jungles mean no cats, sorry guys!

    Again with some good:
    With this information in hand, I plan to change the idea of "New Talon" into just a straight "hard mode" world, hopefully with a giant jungle and a tundra nearby. Unsure of whether or not it will share the same "TweakedCycle" settings as Talon does, but I do know that the mob spawns will be in full-force.

    Finally, the bad:
    This won't happen until after Baehr and Talon get pruned at the cutoff date.
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