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New core ideas....

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...I came up with this while drooling on my couch watching last episode of SGA for the twenty-first time at 2 in the morning.

Ok so i was thinking... specialized cores for different types of tanking. Like how the Wraith have organic hulls, they can regenerate hull strength if it gets partially destroyed. Now not needing to call it a Wraith core, we could call it "Organic" hull. There would be no shield, just a shitload (also a limit of maybe 15 or 20 low slots on the core, and zero med slots) of armor that slowly regenerates itself over time. I know this would be a pain in the ass because from experience of my ideas getting turned down, you would have to completely redo/create things in order to make them work. i'm just saying, i think its a nice idea, and would appreciate it if one would take it into consideration.
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    The core system is up for a redesign anyway. It probably won't wind up like this but I would personally prefer feedback from the community before the development process begins.

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