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For the Devs: Change Log Guidelines

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I feel we could use a decent set of guidelines for documenting our changes to the server, so here's my attempt at that. To note, keeping a Change Log is REALLY important, as it keeps your fellow Devs informed of your work so they don't accidentally overwrite it, as well as keeping the public informed of changes and impending changes and be ready for them.
  • Please document ALL changes made to the server and forums here!
  • There should be only one Change Log thread per week. This should keep things from getting cluttered with tons of changelogs all over the place, while keeping the changelog lengths to a minimum. If a changelog thread is already made for the week, just post in it instead of making a new one. See the example below for more info. Please note that thread weeks to be used are a static "Sunday to Saturday" (S-S) week. If you make a thread in the middle of a week, keep the dates on the S-S week system. This is for keeping track of the times properly.
  • When documenting a change, please label it using the following prefix tags (use all that apply):
    • [PLAN] - Indicates a note for a future change.
    • [FIX] - Some bug or error was fixed.
    • [BALANCE] - This indicates a change to gameplay balance; things like weapon damage and resource production go here.
    • [UPDATE] - Something was updated. Use this tag for stuff like mod updates and such. Also used for big changes to mods made on these game servers.
    • [TWEAK] - Slight change to some file that does not affect balance or gameplay.
    • [FEATURE] - Indicates the addition or removal of a new feature.
    • [FORUM] - Changed something on the forums, like a new subforum or a change in the way registrations work (stuff like this should probably also go into "Announcements").

Here's an example of a changelog using this system:
Change Log wrote:

TITLE: Change Log for Jan 23 - Jan 29
  • [FEATURE][FORUM] - Added a new subforum, "From the Management > Change Logs."
  • [PLAN][FEATURE] - Make a Dispenser class object to use the materials from mining.

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