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Need help figuring out a ship lag problem.

MechanosMechanos Posts: 8Registered
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This is more complicated than it sounds.

Basically, I've been working on a ship for 3'ish days. Getting it near completion, have tested it lots of times with multiple other player's ships, no lag. The ship is fully parented. However, today someone joined the server (someone with 20'ish hours server time) and they spawned a large ship. The moment it spawned, the server almost came to a stop. We of course assumed he was at fault.

Suddenly his friend joins, and points the blame at my frozen ship. Me thinking "yeah right", I remove my ship. To my surprise, the server killing lag stopped. There was still lag, as this guy's ship made the bars on the net_graph spike around 1200-1500 by itself. But it was playable somewhat. So those 2 then, turned against me, shot my shit up on spawn, made threats to get be banned, blah blah doesn't matter, minges will be minges.

The point is, my ship is fine with other player's ships. But this one dude's ship conflicts hugely with mine. What are possible factors that could be triggering this lag spaz? My ship seemed to be the only ship out of 3 (2 other players) that conflicted with his, so it's either my ship or his ship. Or both. And being that this guy was a douche about it, I can't have him respawn it to debug the issue.

What I can tell you, is about my ship. It's probably only 30-40 ents big, and like 206 constraints. Fairly small, heavy fighter size. Fully parented. I have 3 e2's, one with about 20 ops, the other 2 around 200. 20op chip is a target scanner, and it doesn't scan 'till it's manually cycled through the current array. The 200 op ones is an applyForce chip, and a target prediction chip. I'm using wirelink for inputs on the applyForce, so that's probably a source of at least 100 ops. I don't have any holo turrets or moving parts or unparented parts. I have 3 huds and 1 advanced hud. No EGP.. nothing.

That's all I can really think of that might be related. Any "pro builders" want to lend some advice?

TL:DR - Sorry, dunno what to tell you, but read my post.
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  • MechanosMechanos Posts: 8Registered
    Nvm, found the problem. Borrowed a large chunk of code from an e2 on wire forums. It has a variable run speed. And apparently loops out of control when given a non-changing vector. Lesson learned.
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Also keep in mind several factors along with this:

    - Much of the E2 code on the wiremod forums is made in singleplayer, where the effects of heavy processing can barely be felt.
    - Processing time in the Source Engine is exponential, so while either ship may be fine on its own (maybe), the "lag" will be more than the two ships combined. This is due to inefficiencies within GMod and the Source engine, as well as the complex interactions between all the mods like Spacebuild, LS3, and Wire.
    - If someone is destroying your stuff on spawn, take a demo or a couple screenshots and post in the "Bans and Appeals" section, we do not condone this sort of behavior.
  • MechanosMechanos Posts: 8Registered
    I did take a screenshot actually. But I wasn't sure what the new rules are, I haven't played since McBuilds. That, and my screenshot kinda sucks. Shows his ship on spawn firing at my ship, and I have a hud on his node showing his name. But I couldn't fit both his ship and my ship in view.

    I'll go ahead and post it over there so you can see it.
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