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Battlefield 3 Beta and You and Freeness

Mr.Niceguy976Mr.Niceguy976 Posts: 33Registered
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ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG GAIS! BF3!!!1111111oneeleven111111


The FREE open beta has just launched today. On Origin, but w/e. it's worth it to register for this beta.
It ends on October 10th, so make sure you have a BF3gasm before then!

Btw, my Origin name is quite ORIGINal if i might say so:

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  • MurdertrainMurdertrain Posts: 24Registered
    Cant wait bro
    I got an erection watching this, those graphics.
  • TatteredTattered Posts: 4Registered
    Game is pretty sick. Ive been playing it a little bit under the name Tatteredwizard. it looks fucking beautiful on ultra btw
  • Mr.Niceguy976Mr.Niceguy976 Posts: 33Registered
    Herp Derp

    Can i join your platoon? :D

    Btw, nice official website. Trolololol

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