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The movement of the Gyro's seems too... unrealistic. I'm going 120MPH with PN-Fuel and i let off the accelerator and all of the sudden i come to a complete stop? The fuck is that? And also, if I were to pitch up while moving froward, i would like it if the ships would continue to move forward and have a slight delay before it overcomes the momentum and the ship starts to climb (or descend). Data made an e2 that does all of these things, but i would like it if it were already integrated into the server. And could we release at least a little bit of the choke hold on the gyros about speed limit without PN-Fuel? Because nobody likes to sit on a planet/ go to another planet and mine Polonium Nitrate and then come back to Shakuras, refine it, and take off again.
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  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
    Data made an E2 that incorporates all this, but Data also made the advanced gyro. He might have been able to add in gradual deceleration, but he didn't. Adding in:
    if(!W) {
    clamp(ThrustMult - 5,120,0)
    clamp(Forward - 5,120,0)
    (or something along these lines) in E2 would create a simple decelerator.

    But the gyro was designed to be far more universal. Gyros can also be used to move the biggest of space stations, and you might not want gradual deceleration there, where a more immediate stop is preferable. And it is much easier to add your own customised deceleration rate than counter the Lua so stops are immediate.

    TL;DR, Its Easier to do this yourself than it is for others to undo this.

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  • DataSchmuckDataSchmuck Posts: 147Registered, Moderator
    I actually made the gyro based on the e2. And it does have gradual deceleration. I pretty much pasted the e2 code in the gyro's code and then just changed the e2 stuff to lua stuff. However, the gyro should NOT be instantly stopping when you release the movement key. It only does so if you are using high numbers on the Thrust Multiplier input. The Multiplier applies to acceleration AND deceleration.

    There is an exploit to get around the energy only speed limit of 30mph by using high Thrust Multipliers. Unfortunately it causes the instant-stop on release issue. Check your e2 code (or ask whoever you stole it from, Anubis) for Thrust Multiplier stuff, and remove it, or set the Thrust Multiplier to a constant value of 1.

    In my opinion, the whole Energy/PN-Fuel Gyro system was a good idea in theory, but its really only made things worse. People spamming energy cells and fusion/quantum reactors, and linking the gyro to the Life support system has made the server much much laggier than it should be. After a fresh restart, just try spawning 6 or 7 gyros and watch the sv go into the red. This didn't happen two years ago when I released my final version of the gyro.

    It is now much more efficient and sv friendly to use an e2 based flight system than the gyro (as long as your e2 code is optimized). It used to be the other way around, and was the sole motivation for creating the advanced gyro; it was SUPPOSED to be LESS laggy than e2 based flight.
  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
    The Multiplier applies to acceleration AND deceleration.

    That makes sense. Then I guess all that needs to happen is that PN Fuel needs to increase the base speed, instead of just increasing the Multiplier.

    And Data speaks the truth about the lag caused by Gyros on an empty server, just tested it now, took me 9 gyros, but the SV and Var are in the red.
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    Lambda217: oh oh i am kanzuke and i love my little pony and now i'll make all the brandonphysics myself cause i know fuckin everything because now i'll make a big pony fighter drone squad and a big fuckin portal ship and i am a fuckin idiot
  • DataSchmuckDataSchmuck Posts: 147Registered, Moderator
    right, now imagine 4 or 5 gyro powered ships, each with their own mess of wiring, e2s, life support, constraints, etc, and you see why the server lags when someone pastes their ship even though it doesn't normally lag the server when its pasted by itself.

    This is why I quit, again. Its been two years since I last quit and NOTHING has changed. Same constant random crashing, same RSO problems, same laggy game. Its not you guys that annoy me, its the frakking game itself. I know Garry is planning some huge update that is supposed to change the face of Gmod forever, so I will probably check that out, but unless it fixes the general buggyness of the game, I wont be sticking around.

    I have already stopped playing for a week, and gotten so much done. Played all the way through Deus Ex Human Revolution, Installed and finished Force Unleashed II, Gatling Gears, and next up will be CoD Black Ops. I have so many games sitting on my hard drive that need to be installed and played, been putting it on way too long. Yesterday I fired up gmod to mess around but didn't really get to do anything cause I crashed out of the game twice and both times lost a few hours of work. Gmod for me now is just unneeded frustration.

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  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    The thing about the Gyropods is that neither I nor Fuhrball/Amaroq had or have any real clue about them, but wanted a fuel system in place to make things challenging. I am really not sure where the lag is coming from on them, as Fuhr supposedly only made it check for connected fuel systems, which in itself should not be laggy. What I am thinking is that some protocol changed on GMod's end that made it lag to shit like it is now.

    If one of the devs would like to take a look at it and figure out where the load is coming from, be my guest.
  • DaraconDaracon Posts: 41Registered
    Well this time keep in contact Data =)
  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    Once I graduate I think I will be working on an entire system for everything...

    I think I can solve some issues with a greater variety of cores...

    And probably something entirely new other than gyros.

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