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[Maps] Checking Out a World

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Greetings, all; crazy admin Steeveeo here. With MultiVerse, a plugin we have, we can setup as many worlds running concurrently on the server as we please. You can see this now with the differences between Baehr and Talon. This opens up the possibilities for running special events or builds on our server, should anyone request it.

Before we begin, I must note that I use a lot of keywords in this post, as it's easier than listing everything all the time:
  • "Adventure Map" - Refers to any pre-built custom map, be it puzzle, challenge, adventure, etc.
  • "Build World" or "Build Map" - Refers to any project in which the group is building the map, not playing it.
  • "Project" - Catch-all term for the arranged requested server time, be it Build or Adventure.
  • "Project Group" - Those involved with the arranged requested world.

There are several rules behind this in order to protect the Project Group. The base Minecraft rules still apply.
  • You MAY enter any active requested world to observe, but you MAY NOT interfere with its contents if you are not part of the arranged crew. This includes any sort of building or breaking of blocks, as the space you use may be vital to the project or adventure.
  • You MAY request adventure maps, challenge maps, puzzle maps, or any other kind of custom map that does not require extra mods to be installed. Just the same, you MAY request a world for building an adventure map using the tools we have on-hand.
  • All requests MUST be made at LEAST ONE WEEK in advance. This gives both parties enough time to prepare, as the Project Group needs to get everything planned, and the Admins need to get all the permissions sorted out.
  • Build Projects MAY require any plugin we already have on the server to run properly. We WILL NOT add new plugins specifically for the project, however we WILL allow finished Builds to be shipped as "Bukkit Only" Adventure Maps that have the plugins included, should the group so desire.
  • You MUST follow the rules of the Group Leader. Consider the Group Leader to be the Admin of the requested world, during the build or adventure, anything he/she says, goes, and is only trumped by server staffers (like Moderators and Admins). If he/she says to strictly follow the rules of the adventure map, you must adhere.
  • Any privileges granted by the Builder ranks in a Build World MAY NOT be used within the other game worlds. We will try to limit the permissions of the specifically to the Build World, but that has been known to be a shaky system, so consider this a use of the Honor System. Example: if you get caught using the Free Builder's "/give" command in Baehr, Talon, etc. you will be kicked out of the group and possibly denied access to the Build World.
  • Any Staffer holds the right to remove the requested world at his/her discretion. This would be the case for things like abandoned projects, projects that are causing the server to get bogged down (like if an adventurer, like me, decides to destroy an Adventure Map after completion, and that starts to make all the other worlds lag up), or any other reason that that staffer sees fit.
  • When a Build World is completed, an Admin will upload a zipped archive of the map onto the forums, where it will be held there for a MAXIMUM of TWO WEEKS before being deleted. Use this time to pass out copies to friends and find a suitable permanent repository for the project.
  • You MAY NOT use the forum link for the aforementioned project as a download link for the release thread. If caught, an Admin holds the right to IMMEDIATELY remove the project from the forums.

Setting Up a Request
Before any project or adventure may begin, a requester must follow these steps in order to run a successful project.
Step 1 - Gather the Group
Get your friends, partners, and indentured servants into one place to discuss the project and determine who is all going to attend. Note, if you state in your request that this is an "Open Project", the Admins will allow members to be added on the fly, else it means that the group is static and that the member list is final.

Step 2 - Determine the Group Leader
Determine who will be responsible for the entire project. Note that this position could be used as a purely "figurehead" role, where the Group Leader is just another builder, or an actual leader whom directs the entire project. This step is also used for determining each member's roles (Example: a Build World would have a listing of, say " -Nielk1: Redstone Specialist", or an Adventure Map would have "-Steeveeo: Archer", and such).

Step 3 - Plan Out the Project
This step would not be very complicated or important on an Adventure Map (could even be entirely omitted), but for Build Worlds, it is crucial. Make plans of what needs to be done during the project, who will handle what parts, what buildings are required, story, flow, puzzles, etc. You may use the Help and Tutorials forum here for recruitment and project planning.

Step 4 - Request the World
This is the only truly required step. Follow the template below and submit it to the Development forum with the tag [PROJECT] in the title, so we know exactly what the thread is. Note to all you literalistic people out there, "<tags>" like that are required, do not put the <> brackets into your requests. Likewise, "[ tags]" like that are optional, again, do not use the brackets, replace the whole tag (with the exception of the title, those are all required and the square brackets there NEED to be there).
    Title: [PROJECT] [<Project Type>] <Project Name>
<Project Name>
<Project Type>

Starts: <Project Start Date>

<Detailed description of the project. For Adventure Maps, just copy-paste the summary here. Build Maps would have a summary here of at least a paragraph>

<A List of Rules. Adventure Maps require this, but Build Maps can also have custom rules, like "No Item Giving" or some such)>

<BUILD MAPS ONLY: Put all project information that will be helpful here, like diagrams, plans, storyboards, etc>

  • <In Game Name>: Group Leader
  • <In Game Name>[: Role]
  • [...]

Step 5 - Approval and Project Days
Chances are, if you followed the template above and there's not another project already running, an Admin will approve the request, in which that thread will become the "Base of Operations" for public discussion of the project. If, for whatever reason, an Admin rejects your project, the thread will be locked, and that admin will post a reason why it was rejected (most likely because the template was not followed or improper information was included). Upon approval, an Admin will setup the server-side stuff to be launched on the provided Start Date, in which it will be up 24/7 until the project is complete or abandoned (a week of inactivity without anyone providing a reason for the hold is grounds for removal).

Step 6 - Finalization
When the Project is completed, notify an Admin on the forums, and that Admin will take the proper actions to finalize the project. With Adventure Maps, this just means removing the world and unlinking the portal leading to it. For Build Maps, the portals would be unlinked, and the world packaged up for delivery to the Forums, and a download link provided. When the download link is provided, download the project, review it to make sure it is all finished properly, and then upload it somewhere else, as it will be deleted from the Forums shortly afterwards. Feel free to distribute finished Build Projects as you please, they are, from then on, completely your property and Diaspora does not hold any claim over the ownership of the map (though a callback would be nice!).[/*]
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  • hadleyrhadleyr Posts: 51Registered
    While I'm not sure that this is the correct place to suggest it, but maybe at somepoint we should try either the Survival Island or the Pyramid Adventure maps, as the look like good fun. I'm currently running through a list and may suggest more as I find - that is if this is the ideas you want and is in the correct.
    [minecrafthead]hadleyr[/minecrafthead] -h.
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    It is indeed not the right place to suggest it, this is the place to talk about suggestions for the request system. If you would like to play something like Survival Island, get some players together or post a recruitment thread for it, then follow the steps.
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