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[README] Server Rules

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Seems I need to make this post, as these aren't as intrinsic as I originally thought. Also, this post will be a bit more detailed than anything in-server, as the MOTD can only be so big. All the following rules must be adhered to, lest you lose the privilege to play on our Minecraft server. Let me be clear, these are general, "don't be an asshat" rules that common sense should include, but might as well get them in writing should anyone feel the need to be a smart-ass and say, "I don't see a rule against it, so I can if I want to!"


[*]Do Not Grief - This is pretty much a given for any server. This includes, but is not limited to stuff like destroying people's stuff, leaving obscene messages on signs, robbery, etc.
[*]Do Not Steal Resources - Unless that person has specifically allowed you to take from their chests, an unprotected chest does NOT mean free stuff. Some do not know how to use [Protection] signs, or just didn't have the wood at the time, or forgot; either way, don't. This includes farms.
[*]Do Not Mess With Anyone's Stuff - The rule of thumb for any of this boils down to, basically: ask first. Don't try to "Fix" other people's creations without asking, don't break blocks to find out how someone did something, don't remove or add plants because you think it might "look nice". ALWAYS ask before doing! Many of us will gladly show you how a redstone circuit works, or a piston door is setup, but you absolutely must ask before digging in to look, as with many incidents before: careless digging breaks circuits.
[*]Be Friendly - We do not require you to be happy-cheery all the time or to greet everyone with a smiling face, all we ask is that you get along with the other players. If you cannot get along with someone, keep your distance; confrontations only lead to a widened rift and an unpleasant atmosphere, and unpleasant atmospheres lead to people not wanting to play.
[*]Have Fun - This is not a competitive sport, this is a freeform sandbox server, some seem to forget that and make the game into a chore for themselves and others.

Please note that the staff here is extremely lax when it comes to the rules. We don't run this as a prison or totalitarian state, we just want things to go smoothly while having fun, just like most players want. However, if you feel like making yourself into a problem, just remember that all three active admins are programmers; we fix problems.

A special rule that isn't quite a rule is this: Breaking the rules above as revenge for someone who broke the rules against you does NOT make it alright, and you will be dealt with as a separate case. The reasoning behind this is the thought of collateral damage from escalation. Also, revenge does not settle things; more often than not, it makes it worse. Don't do it.

We use the plugin BigBrother to log block interactions, so if you do grief and/or break stuff, you will be found out; Big Brother is watching. ;)
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