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Forum Troubles Alleviated

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
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Sorry for the technical difficulties over the past few days, everyone. We have been trudging through the setup and trying to figure out what's caused everything to go awry, and aren't completely sure about the exact cause. However, we have fixed most, if not all of the issues that have sprung up, and it should be back to business as usual.

The first problem we noticed that occurred, was the improper redirecting of the forum's URL. This seems to have been sorted out by Paper Clip within the next day (so he deserves your thanks for that). I personally believe that this was the root cause of everything else that happened, but Paper Clip himself could possibly shed more light on that fact.

The next problem that arose was that random people were getting kicked out of their sessions by the StopForumSpam plugin. This problem is fixed due to the fix of the next described problem as well.

Finally, the StopForumSpam plugin seemed to have completely blown up, not letting anyone log in at all, save for the founders (for whatever reason that was). Ended up having to completely disable it and fall back on some of the built-in spambot capturing for now, but we hope to find a different interface into the SFS database as it is an INVALUABLE tool for keeping the forums spam-free. However, the anti-spam features we are sitting on now have been toted by other forum admins as just a tiny bit less awesome as the SFS database, so we should still be golden (or at least silver) until we can find a new one.

To finish off, the issues may have made all prior session cookies invalid, leading to problems logging in. If anyone is having problems logging in now, please clear all cookies for the "diaspora.100paperclips.com" domain and try again.

Now to figure out what happened to the favicon...

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