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New SB map?

DataSchmuckDataSchmuck Posts: 147Registered, Moderator
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  • KanzukeKanzuke Posts: 181Registered, Moderator
    It's got my vote

    Lambda217: oh oh i am kanzuke and i love my little pony and now i'll make all the brandonphysics myself cause i know fuckin everything because now i'll make a big pony fighter drone squad and a big fuckin portal ship and i am a fuckin idiot
  • SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
    Thread says SB2, does it work on SB3?
  • the forcethe force Posts: 36Registered
    i have asked a few people about that, no one has told me so later tonight im going to find out myself
  • DataSchmuckDataSchmuck Posts: 147Registered, Moderator
    We've already played it a few times on the server, it is indeed compatible, and it is great fun to go out with a crew and find artifacts. There has been a few updates to the map though. The one on the server is still the first version.
  • Golden_CrowGolden_Crow Posts: 21Registered
    Why have I never seen this map on the server? It looks awesome.

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