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Server Back Online

SteeveeoSteeveeo Posts: 849Registered, Administrator
edited June 2011 in General #1
Preliminary testing is complete. The Minecraft server is back online and more or less functional.

Unlike before the stable release was finished, Talon is now reachable once again, and pretty much all of our mods are doing what they should. Also, a new Nether is in place, which is controlled by the engine. I'll look into changing it's world name from "baehr-nether" to "Nether" once again, but right now that seems to be stuck there.

As an aside, Amaroq and I went a little overboard with the new wild grass functionality and bonemeal, as anyone can see by logging in and going near Fort Sonora or the Spawn Lodge. :P

As for the date today, well, it surely isn't significant in any way... *cough*
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