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Minecraft Server Details

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Greetings, Players! If you're reading this, chances are that you're interested in our Minecraft server. This post will tell you all you need to know to get started on the Diaspora Minecraft server! Also, LISTS AND HORIZONTAL RULES, OMG!

The Server
You can connect to the server (if you're on the Whitelist) with this URL:
Currently Running in Private Mode

The Whitelist
Currently, the server checks all joiners against the Whitelist, in hopes of having a slightly more controlled environment. If you wish to join and have READ THE RULES, then you can go on over to The Whitelist Request Thread and tell us your Minecraft username. You may vouch for your friends either in the Whitelist Request Thread or on the server if an admin is on, but you must redirect them to the Rules thread (linked above) before they may be added. Remember, we need your EXACT Minecraft Name, or else we cannot add you!

The Staff
While you must always follow the rules, please take note that staffer rulings take precedence over them. If you see one of the following people or anyone else with an off-color name and a staff tag, listen to them or your time here will be short-lived. However, we do screen our staffers for at least a LITTLE bit of sanity, and we do keep logs on this stuff, so don't feel intimidated by the staff either.
  • [Admins]:
    • image Steeveeo (Server Owner)
    • image Nielk1
    • image AmaroqOkami
  • [Moderators]:
    • image Rettro
    • image AHadley

The Specs

Server is backed up automatically every 30 minutes while players are connected.

The Worlds
With MultiVerse, we run multiple worlds on the server, not just the standard overworld, nether, end combo.
  • Myrrha - Main World. Normal generator (1.0.0), Easy difficulty. Seed: "Java is Crap"
  • Myrrha_nether - Nether attached to Myrrha. Nether Generator (1.0.0), Easy difficulty.
  • Myrrha_the_end - The End attached to Myrrha. End Generator (1.0.0), Hard difficulty.
  • SandBox - Creative World, flat generator. Use this to prototype and build stuff.

The Plugins
Note: this section is bound to change and go out of date, see the Change Logs for more in-depth information. All plugins marked with the [INHOUSE] tag were made on and for the server by staff.
  • AutoBackup [INHOUSE]
  • BigBrother
  • CraftBook
  • CreeperMod [INHOUSE]
  • DupeBox [INHOUSE]
  • EnderNerf [INHOUSE]
  • EndlessCauldron [INHOUSE]
  • Essentials
  • Essentials GroupManager
  • FalseBook ICs
  • mcMMO
  • MobWrangler [INHOUSE]
  • MoreRecipes [INHOUSE]
  • MultiVerse-Core
  • MultiVerse-Inventories
  • SpoutPlugin


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    Going to revamp the hell out of the OP, needs updating.

    EDIT: All done! Thread cleaned up and OP up-to-date. Enjoy the obscene amount of info and horizontal rules! Also, if someone could find or write me a nice BBCode mod that displays just the face of a Minecraft player's skin, I will award you 10 Diamonds in-game!
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