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Wolf Prop Protection

AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
edited May 2011 in Suggestions #1
So, I was browsing for a better kind of PP to use.. When I came across this:

http://www.facepunch.com/threads/102710 ... Protection

This looks like a pretty good upgrade from our current system. Much more versatile, and even appears to have an anti-noclip.

Think I should start experimenting with it?
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  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    Evaluation suggested...
  • MikhailMikhail Posts: 24Registered
    Last time i checked (which was quite a while ago actually) wolf caused incompatibility issues with wiremod. But that may have been fixed so I dunno.
  • Nielk1Nielk1 Posts: 252Registered, Administrator
    Does not allow spawning of many entities such as LS-Cores.
    E2 had several odd errors I have not seen before, hit or miss. Might be related.

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