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http://www.facepunch.com/threads/107427 ... highlight=

* Players can choose from a list of songs to stream while playing on the server.
* Administrators can stream a song to all players
* Players may choose to ignore server-wide songs
* Volume control for songs playing
* Server-side song queue is preserved through map changes
* Nomination system to allow non-admins to vote on songs to stream to all players. (optional)
* Easy to use web interface allows server owners to add and delete songs. Changes take effect immediately.
* Installs in just a few minutes
* Password protected web-interface
* New: Players playing songs locally can enable Radio Mode to play a new song after the current song finishes
* New: Quicksearch allows players to easily find a song they want to play
* New: Easy to customize options including keybinds, sources, nomination limits, and more

* Web readable directory on a webserver
* PHP5 with sqlite
* Unlimited bandwith is preferable,and fairly necessary IMO

Songs are played through the system so no lag is caused,put some nice ambient space songs on there and it could be fairly good

On the song upload page/online jukebox page add a warning saying this
The uploader takes all responsibility for any copyright on a song and any songs uploaded to which you do not own the copyright will be removed as soon as the admin finds them
That is avoid legal issues.
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    Will have to see if Paperclip will like this, since this is on his server and his bandwidth.

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