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Server is Down

AmaroqAmaroq Posts: 451Registered, Administrator
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Yes, again. My goddamn providers are terrible, apparently, and won't answer my support tickets. If this doesn't get resolved, I may just change to a different one.

Sorry guys, I'm working on this as best I can. I can't do much from my end, so I'm relying on them for the most part. (And they're awful at it.)
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  • Mouldy_TacoMouldy_Taco Posts: 133Registered, Moderator

    I think that planet is called Shakuras.
    "If this works, it'll keep us from getting' caught. If it doesn't, it'll keep us from gettin' old," -- MacGyver
  • Psi-Xi 7Psi-Xi 7 Posts: 28Registered
    What would this world be without good service?
    Better. The "good" service is absolute failure.
    And I am fairly certain that "nothing" is better than "bad service"

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