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SB4 Compatible Lifesupport E2

Mouldy_TacoMouldy_Taco Posts: 133Registered, Moderator
edited April 2015 in Showcase #1
  • Manages all lifesupport devices with one exception,
  • It does not produce antimatter, but will manage reactors if you make it yourself.
  • Dynamically adds and removes devices without needing to reset the e2, just spawn and weld new generators.
  • Generators now properly adjust their multipliers based on the amount of each type of generator present.
  • Volatile storage(Supercapacitor, Antimatter storage) are turned off if they are in danger of exploding.

E2 is still in progress, additional functionality as well as better commenting is a WIP.
"If this works, it'll keep us from getting' caught. If it doesn't, it'll keep us from gettin' old," -- MacGyver

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